Pittsburgh Steelers: Why Martavis Bryant shouldn’t ask to be traded

Pittsburgh Steelers WR, Martavis Bryant is a special talent who apparently wants out of the Steel City. His production hasn’t been very high in 2017, but he shouldn’t feel too frustrated and want out.

He gets to play for a Super Bowl contender and a future Hall of Fame QB in Big Ben. He gets to play in big games every year and the division he’s in is really weak.

Santonio Holmes and Mike Wallace were once great weapons for the black and gold, but after they left Pittsburgh they were barely productive at all.

Bryant will be 26 in December and he’s been healthy as a Steeler. Pittsburgh has kept him around for a reason and if they didn’t believe in him, he would’ve been traded before the season.

Sure he is angry with his lack of targets and he should want valuable compensation but it’s hard to find consistency with other franchises.

The Giants need a receiver, but it might be a better idea for them to go find one in the 2018 draft. Seattle, San Francisco, the Jets, and Bears could use Bryant’s services, but they also have to use their resources to fill other holes as well.

With offensive line play not being good this year, that should lower the return in a Bryant trade.

Bryant has to focus on proving to the Steelers he is a valuable piece through his work ethic. If he goes to another team, there’s no guarantee he’ll get a ton of targets every game. So, if he complains and asks for a trade in Pittsburgh, there’s a good possibility he’ll act the same way on another club’s roster.

The Pittsburgh Steelers should keep him as long as possible because he is a weapon that compliments Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Bryant needs to stay calm and keep his thoughts within the locker room. If he can do that, then his stock will rise and then Pittsburgh might ship him to another club. Or he’ll stick around the black and gold for many years to come and be apart of one of the best franchises in sports. A franchise with stability and an opportunity to win Super Bowls.

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