Cedar Point: On Second Thought, Magnum XL-200 Isn’t A Bad Coaster At All

I’ve been one to hate on Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point. It’s obvious the coaster is way too rough, but my opinions on it were quite harsh. Yet, I now might change my tune on the ride, as it’s become one of my favorite hyper coasters.

I’m not sure what got me to like and appreciate Magnum more. It’s obviously an old ride and shows its age quite well. But that might be what makes this coaster so great. Despite the age and roughness, of the coaster, there is still a great ride here.

I’ll admit that I wanted Magnum torn down for a new water coaster at Cedar Point. That’s how much I’ve hated this ride. But after some lengthy ride time on it this season, I can’t believe I actually said that. Magnum is filled with airtime and thrills, probably more so than just about any coaster at Cedar Point.

The trains are unlike any hypercoaster you’ll find on the market now, but that’s expected with a ride that’s over its 25th birthday. You’re given a lap bar and they aren’t nearly as comfortable as the clamshell restraints most hyper coasters have now. Still, it’s worth a little pain to get on this classic ride.

The best part of Magnum is the covered tunnels. You’re in complete darkness and can’t see a damn thing. For someone who’s never been on this coaster, you’ll experience a load of airtime inside these tunnels. It’s something most hyper coasters don’t have. And for a coaster that prides itself on airtime, it’s a great thrill.

You’re not going to find very many hypercoasters that give you a better view either. Magnum sends you over Cedar Point Shores and you get views of Lake Erie as well. Quite possibly one of the most scenic rides at the park.

Magnum is a landmark at Cedar Point. Being the world’s first hypercoaster, it’s arguably one of the most influential coasters in the world. Sure, it’s a tad rough at places, but that shouldn’t take away from the enjoyment of the ride. Don’t let little things about Magnum affect your opinion of this classic coaster.

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