Take A Trip To The Swamp With Blood On The Bayou At Cedar Point

Blood on the Bayou is one of the crowning jewels of the Cedar Point Haunt lineup. While it’s not as good as Cut Throat Cove, the walk-through maze is still better than most of the Cedar Point offerings. That’s saying a lot, as the amusement park features some strong houses and outdoor scare zones such as Fearground Freakshow, Slaughter House, Hexed, Zombie High School and the aforementioned Cut Throat Cove.

What makes Blood on the Bayou such a good Haunt attraction?

If you’re a fan of the Louisiana voodoo and mystique surrounding the backwoods of the Bayou, you’ll love this Haunt. It’s a great homage to the region. You’ll love the scenery and theming, and despite not having the scares of Cut Throat Cove, the theming and sets are much better with Blood on the Bayou.

You’ll go through the first part of the maze relatively quickly, as the theming isn’t great and the scare actors are quite sparse. As you enter the maze, you’re treated to some elaborate designs of houses, meat market and a cemetery. The best scenes come from the numerous house designs, which look like they were pulled from the swamps of Louisiana. The lack of fog, which was prevalent in the Cut Throat Cove walk-through, is a bit odd considering it really adds to the total experience.

The scare actors were quite intimidating. Seeing as there is no fog to hide in, you can generally see them coming, but there were still some surprises along the way. Like Cut Throat Cove, Blood on the Bayou does feature a bungee actor who shoots across at you, a great scare for those who don’t know it’s coming.

If you do walk this maze, be aware of the little details. The animatronic gators were a nice touch. And I believe the tombstones in the cemetery scene had different names on them, but I’m not sure. Also, look out for the Haunt icon around the mid-point of the maze. He’s on the entrance sign next to Castaway Bay and on a sign at the park entrance if you want to get a better look at him.

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