Arizona Cardinals: Learning to walk again

PHOENIX, Ariz. (Oct. 23, 2017)- The Arizona Cardinals are having to learn to walk again due to the injury suffered by quarterback Carson Palmer during Sunday’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

One thing about this injury is that it is not as shocking as one may think, but that does not make it any less of a massive blow to the offense. The reason that it is not all that shocking is because of Arizona’s makeshift offensive line. After suffering many injuries along the offensive front, opposing defenses found that getting into the backfield became easier than finding a high school student working the register at a local McDonald’s.

So, where do the Cardinals go from here? If someone were to ask head coach Bruce Arians, his answer is simple.

“I’ll stick with Drew,” he said to reporters directly following the Rams game. “Because he’s our No. 2. I don’t skip two to get to three.”



So there you have it, the Arizona Cardinals are going to stick with Drew Stanton for the time being, they have no plans of going out and grabbing any free agent quarterbacks at the moment.

Although Blaine Gabbert had a much better showing in the preseason, Stanton is the better choice. People like to look at Gabbert with rose-colored glasses and decide to forget the fact that it was preseason thus was not facing first-string defenses.

On the flip side, Stanton has been with the Cardinals since 2013, so he knows the offense just as well if not better than Carson Palmer did. However either option is not a long-term fix, especially not if they are getting hit thirty times a game from opposing defensive lines.

The Cardinals need to remember who is at the helm at head coach this season and his past success with quarterbacks. Arians did wonders with Andrew Luck when he was in Indianapolis and he was offensive coordinator with the Browns the last time they made the playoffs in 2002. He is known as the “quarterback whisperer” for a reason and now it is being put to the test.

So what to expect for the 2018 draft? Expect the Cardinals to address their needs at quarterback, Jackson from Louisville or Josh Allen in Wyoming are my top two choices in this upcoming quarterback class. They will probably use the rest of the rounds to address offensive line issues and maybe some defense.




Photo Credit: Associated Press/ David Goldman


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