Argggghhh! Cut Throat Cove At Cedar Point Is A Scary Good Time

There aren’t many times I leave a scare attraction with my jaw dropped. That was the case with Cut Throat Cove at Cedar Point Haunt. The pirate themed scare maze was absolutely breathtaking. From the set design to the scares, it’s easily the best scare maze at the park.

The best thing about Cut Throat Cove is that there is no wait time whatsoever. You simply enter the attraction and walk through it. You’d think it would make things congested around the walkway, but things moved right along. And no matter how busy the walkthrough might be, you’re guaranteed atleast some interaction with a scare actor.

I was fortunate enough to get quite a few scares during the 10 minutes spent walking the maze. The path is thick with fog, so it’s hard to see anyone coming towards you or creeping next to you. The actors themselves were very interactive, especially with the younger crowd and the frightened frat boys behind me.

One scene in the maze was especially frightening, as a scare actor flys towards you. All I’ll say is that it freaked me out greatly. I’ve seen a lot of parks, especially Knotts Berry Farm (Another Cedar Fair Park) use these bungee effects for their Haunt events. I didn’t expect Cedar Point to have them this year. It was an unexpected surprise.

The themeing was top-notch around Cut Throat Cove. From the the numerous ships and boned bodies lying around, to the massive cannon fire near the end of the maze, it’s quite impressive. The only issue I had was you’re very close to Maverick. I wish the scare zone wasn’t literally right next to the coaster, as it kind of took away from the experince as it zoomed past. Of course the heavy fog did a great job of masking that.

Overall, Cut Throat Cove was my favorite scare maze at Cedar Poin. Sure it was kind of congested, but you still get an awesome run through the maze. The themeing was superb and the actors were interactive and scary. It’s probably not the first maze you’ll want to do, as it’s wait is non-existent, but it’s definitely one you have to do.

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