NYCC pt 1: The first time fan experience

Whenever people hear the words “comic con” their minds instantly associate it with nerd culture. Having experienced NYCC or (New York Comic Con), let’s set the record straight. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. While that might be the main event in a comic con there was plenty more to experience and entertain. Between the booths willing to give away free stuff, to the meet and greet for autographs of stars of your favorite shows, to panels with guest speakers, and don’t forget the cosplay. There’s always something going on at different stages of the event. Trying to do everything is like trying to take on the full Disney World experience in a few hour trip.

Having never been to any show of this caliber, I tried to take in as much as humanly possible and still missed out on great panels and booths. When it comes to NYCC you’re going to miss out on things. You have to plan out the “must see”, and let everything else trickle in place.

The Guests
Stars of tv and movies are there to push the fan experience and get everyone hyped for the next shows. You can sit in on panels and get information on the juicy secrets from the shows or exclusive content. There are autograph sections to meet your favorite characters. You might even get a surprise visit as they pop into booths.

Who was at panels:

The Agents of Shield cast: Only second to the Michael Rooker panel, Agents of Shield was an amazing panel. The cast was so over the top, fun, and exciting. The answered questions from the show. Fans in attendance saw the first 20 minutes of season 5. Between fan interaction and excitement for the show, everyone in attendance was left wanting more. Everyone was thankful that ABC brought them back for yet another season.

Michael Rooker: Easily the most fun part of the event in my opinion. Centered on the fan experience Rooker made sure everyone in attendance was having fun. Between the tit for tat sarcasm with the host, his wit and charm (or lack of) that echo his characters on-screen, and him running through the crowd for a drive-by Q & A and it was non stop laughs. NYCC is all about the fan experience and Michael Rooker made sure his panel got the best experience they possibly could.

Geoff Johns: NYCC is all about exclusive content. People want to know they’re the first one to see whatever they’re taking in that day. Geoff Johns and the Doomsday Clock panel did not disappoint. In the hour panel, we got to see the first 6 pages of DC comics next big story arc. As far as exclusives go, to get the “ashcan” for something of that scale is awesome. Johns tweeted it out live on the panel and fans were encouraged to do the same. Great to see they’re all about getting excitement into the hands of fans.

There were so many more panels to attend. Some were well-known, and others were there to sell products but it’s clear NYCC isn’t just for comic book fans. While fans can see the sights and sounds of their favorite heroes along the way, family-friendly fun is the primary concern. If you’re at NYCC and you’re not having fun, you’re intentionally trying not to.

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