NFL: WBLZ Media Week Six Staff Predictions

Week 5 saw a lead change for WBLZ Sports and their members that are picking the NFL games each week. With the bye weeks in effect, the pickers have to be on their toes. If not, they could fall behind quickly. What does week 6 have in store? Do any of the pickers take a risk? Here are the NFL Week 6 WBLZ Staff Picks. (Bye Week – Bills, Bengals, Cowboys, Seahawks)

Michael Esposito

Eagles @ Panthers – These 2 have not played since 2015 where the Panthers were successful. I see much of the same here as 2 of Philly’s 4 wins were by 2 points over then winless teams and there one blowout was against a bad Arizona team who was coming West Coast to East Coast for a 1:00 game. Give me Carolina.

Bears @ Ravens – Trubisky almost won the game for his team on Monday night in the spotlight of National TV. He makes the Bears a little better but they are still a bit away from being a contender. Give me the Ravens.

Browns @ Texans – This Houston team is quietly making noise with no JJ Watt and a much-improved QB in Watson. This game shouldn’t and will not be close. Give me Houston.

Packers @ Vikings – Aaron Rodgers is a bad man, I said in the game against Dallas if they score too quickly it will give Aaron a chance to win it. Sure enough,   he did and the packers are 4-1 Minnesota comes off some last-minute heroics where they beat the bears. This one goes to the visitors. Green Bay for the win.

Lions @ Saints – The big story is will Stafford play with his injuries and what does no more AP mean for Alvin Kamara? The Lions have been good this season and the Saints not so much. I think though that home-field advantage will help with this one give me the Saints.

Dolphins @ Falcons – Is there a team in the league that is as poorly run as the dolphins? Maybe not but the fact is they are 2-2 and they now face the NFC Champ Falcons. They will drop to 2-3 give me the Falcons.

Patriots @ Jets – Who would have thought that a week 6 matchup between the Patriots and Jets would be for sole possession of first place. Think about that many people had the Jets going 0-16 and yet here they sit 3-2 playing New England for the division lead. I know they say never bet against Tom Brady but I will jump on the ledge and give me the Jets.

49ers @ Redskins – The Niners come to town looking for a victory to get off the snide, this isn’t the week as the Redskins are well rested and ready to roll. Give me Washington

Buccaneers @ Cardinals – The Cardinals add AP to a team that was averaging 2.7 yards per carry in hopes that it will improve their running game. It will but the Bucs will get the win hopefully won’t have to rely on their FG Kicker.

Rams @ Jaguars – One of these teams is one of the most surprising teams in the league and the other just came off an utter domination of the Pittsburgh Steelers. That Jags pass defense is for real and will cause second-year QB Goff lots of fits. Jags get the win.

Steelers @ Chiefs – After a week where Big Ben was questioning his football decisions saying that he didn’t know if he still had it. He now has to travel to Arrowhead Stadium where he will face a talented Chiefs team. Pitt will rebound but give me the Chiefs to get the W.

Chargers @ Raiders – One team got their first victory of the season and is feeling good the other is reeling with its 3rd straight loss. Good news for the Raiders they get Derrick Carr back this week from injury they hope. That will help as this offense is bad. Give me the Raiders in this one.

Giants @ Broncos – If there was a clear-cut loser in week 5 of the NFL it was the New York Giants. Not only did they lose the game to a west coast team coming to the East coast for a 100 game but they lost pretty much every to Denver is not the remedy. Give me the Broncos in this one.

Colts @ Titans – In another snoozer of a football game the Colts travel to Tennessee to take on division rival Titans. Jacoby Brissett has been better but this will be a tough one to watch. Either way,   I think Colts win as Tennessee maybe without Mariota still.


Joel Schafer

Eagles at Panthers: Wentz has been solid all year but the Panthers Defense has taken it up a notch. Cam has been great as of late.  Panthers 28-20

Bears at Ravens: Flacco is in the midst of one of his worst years.  Trubisky looked just okay against a very tough defense, he will look better this week. Bear win 24-21

49ers at Redskins: 49ers have been flat-out bad. Redskins will run away with this game.  Redskins 42-10

Dolphins at Falcons: It is amazing the Dolphins have even won one game. Falcons are possibly the cream of the NFC crop.  Falcons 35-7

Patriots at Jets: There are a lot of question marks about who will play for the Pats this week.  Belichick always has his team ready to go. Jets have won against really bad teams and the Pats aren’t really bad. Patriots 28-20

Rams at Jaguars:  This is the tale of 2 Jekyll and Hyde teams. Which team will show up on both sides?  I have Dr. Jekyll being the Rams. Jags will have 0 turnovers. 28-20 Rams

Steelers at Chiefs: The blueprint to beating the Chiefs has been laid out but no one has used it. The Steelers are just not good enough to execute that plan right now. Chiefs 28-20

Packers at Vikings: Rodgers is playing like an MVP  and will play like one again. Vikings will keep it close with defense but won’t have enough offense. Packers 24-17

Lions at Saints: Lions have questions on offense and the Saints have played better on defense as of late.  UPSET SPECIAL Saints 27-17

Browns at Texans: We are talking about the Browns, see the default of the other team winning. Texans win 38-17

Buccaneers at Cardinals: Adrian Peterson starting for the Cards? Bucs with ground him. Buccaneers will look better on defense. Buccaneers win 28-20

Chargers at Raiders: Philip River has been on the side of the milk carton most the year and will go back to that milk carton this week. Raiders get their leader Derek Carr back. Raiders win 28-10

Giants at Broncos: Eli lost 4 receivers last week and have zero offense. Giants will be signing a new quarterback with the last name Owen his number will be 6.  Broncos 38-13

Colts at Titans: Colts have played better with Brissett at QB.  Titans are lost without Mariota.  Colts 24-21

Andrew Kim

Eagles at Panthers – I will pick the Panthers because Newton is playing better and although the Eagles offense has been prolific this season, I do not trust Eagles secondary on the Panthers receivers. This will be a good game with 2 very efficient offenses and above average defenses but Panthers have the better defense even though the Eagles have a better defensive line.

Bears at Ravens – I will pick the Ravens because the resurgence of the offensive and the defense going against a rookie quarterback. The Bears do not have a good defense and not enough weapons on offense over the Ravens defense who might get Brandon Williams back and will be better at stopping the run.

Browns at Texans – I will pick the Texans due to the Texans offense clicking with Watson and the Browns defense has not been great this season. Kizer got benched last week so Hogan could start over him but even though the Texans defense lost Watt and Mercilus, the Browns offense has been inept this season.

Packers at Vikings – I will pick the Packers because Rodgers has the advantage over Keenum due to the Bradford injury. The Packers offense is better and their defense has improved even though the Vikings defense is still top-notch.

Lions at Saints – I will pick the Saints because they get Snead back from injury and suspension and Stafford is questionable heading into this game. The Lions as a whole did not look good last week and even though Saints defense has been up and down, Brees still has the targets to score points and the Lions will have to keep up.

Dolphins at Falcons – I will pick the Falcons because they get Jones back from injury and the Dolphins offense has been terrible this year. The Falcons defense has the speed to stop Ajayi and Parker was injured last week even though Cutler has been playing poorly.

Patriots at Jets – I will pick the Patriots because I still do not buy this Jets team as Powell and Forte are both injured. The Patriots defense held up last week and could make McCown throw some errant throws and Brady should find his targets on offense.

Niners at Redskins – I will pick the Redskins because of their improved defense even though Norman is out. The Niners have been competitive but have won a game and Cousins looked great before the bye week.

Buccaneers at Cardinals – I will pick Buccaneers even though the Cardinals signed Adrian Peterson. Winston and the Bucs offense can take advantage of a weaker Cardinals defense with their weapons.

Rams at Jaguars – I will pick Rams because their offense is sustainable in the run game and pass game with Goff and Gurley. The Jaguars have a good run game in Fournette and pass defense but Bortles is still turnover prone and lacks weapons on the outside.

Steelers at Chiefs – I will pick Chiefs because the Chiefs offense is dynamic with Hunt, Hill, and Kelce. Also, Smith has played better than Big Ben and the Steelers offense has had its ups and downs this year and Chiefs improved run defense.

Chargers at Raiders – I will pick Raiders because they should get Derek Carr back and some injured players on defense. The Chargers are just lacking in general after barely getting their 1st win last week.

Giants at Broncos – I will pick Broncos because the Giants have too many injured wide receivers to recuperate against a great secondary/ defense in general. Giants defense has also been struggling so the Broncos offense should get going.

Colts at Titans – I will pick the Titans because I think Mariota should play this game and rejuvenate the offense. Brissett has been ok but I do not buy this team till Luck comes back and their defense is still suspect.


Anthony Fiuza

Panthers vs Eagles: The Panthers front seven will find a way to disrupt Carson Wentz and the Eagles’ offense. Panthers 24 Eagles 17

Bears vs Ravens: Mitch Trubisky gets to visit Baltimore for the first time as a pro and he’ll have to get past a Ravens’ defense led by C.J. Mosley and Terrell Suggs. Ravens 26 Bears 15

Vikings vs Packers: Minnesota struggles to produce touchdowns on offense. This helps Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones big time. Pack 27 Vikings 17

Niners vs Redskins: Kirk Cousins has gotten off to a great start this season. The Skins’ defense will have a field day against Pierre Garcon and Brian Hoyer. Skins 28 Niners 10

Dolphins vs Falcons: Jay Cutler continues as an inept QB and with the Falcons always being able to score in bunches it looks like a long day of football for Miami. Atlanta 30 Phins 14

Lions vs Saints: With Matt Stafford dealing with his injured hamstring and ankle, it’s hard to imagine him being extremely effective versus a defense that can put pressure on the opposing QB. Saints 24 Lions 20

Browns vs Texans: Kevin Hogan looked good for Cleveland last week, but Houston can score at will with Deshaun Watson. Texans 32 Browns 10

Bucs vs Cards: Arizona has been putrid on offense this year. Famous Jameis and his receivers will do just fine. Bucs 24 Cards 13

Jets vs Patriots: The Jets won’t be able to put pressure on Brady and Josh McCown is just the type of QB the Pats D needs to see. Pats 28 Jets 6

Rams vs Jags: Rams have to go across the country and that Jags D has been great at taking the ball away. Jalen Ramsey has been a ballhawk all year and he gets to face Jared Goff, who’s still getting used to life in the NFL as a starter. Jags 22 Rams 17

Chargers vs Raiders: It’s been hard for Los Angeles to put points on the board this year. Beast Mode gets to go up against a Chargers D that’s ranked 32nd in rushing yards allowed per game. Oakland 23 LA 16

Giants vs Broncos: The Giants have no offense and with OBJ and Brandon Marshall being sidelined with season-ending injuries, Denver should have a field day. Broncos 27 Giants 13

Steelers vs Chiefs: Mike Tomlin will motivate his players. Big Ben wants to shut up the critics and the Chiefs D hasn’t been great in 2017 (27th in total yards allowed per game, 25th in pass yards, and 21st in rush yards). Steelers 32 Chiefs 17

Colts vs Titans: Indy’s offense can get points on the board with Jacoby Brissett. Matt Cassel is still shaking the rust off. Colts 23 Titans 17

Sean Naylor

Eagles at Panthers – Carson Wentz lit up the Cardinals in week 5. Can he go on the road and stay hot in week 6? I don’t think so. Panthers win.

Bears at Ravens – Mitchell Trubisky had a solid début. If only he had some weapons the Bears offense might be legit. Raven win!

Browns at Texans – Browns are one of the worst teams in the league. I thought they would be better. Hue Jackson is struggling and faces the best rookie QB. Texans win!

Packers at Vikings – Aaron Rodgers should not need last-minute heroics this week. Keenum will start another week for Minnesota. Packers win!

Lions at Saints – Look for Alvin Kamara to play a big role in this one. Lions are beginning to fade. Saints win!

Dolphins at Falcons – Dolphins will not have the success that they had the last week. Falcons coming off the bye will be well rested. Falcons win!

Patriots at Jets – Jets have not won a game vs a top opponent this season. I look for them to hang with the Pats but screw it up in the end. Patriots win!

49ers at Redskins – Redskins are coming off their bye week. Although their defense is beat up they will control this game. Redskins win!

Bucs at Cards – Adrian Peterson will be the starter in his new duds. Will he be the difference? I think so. Upset special – Cardinals win!

Rams at Jaguars – Can the Rams rebound against one of the better defenses in the NFL? I am not sure. However, will the Jags offense produce? Jags win!

Steelers at Chiefs – Big Ben looked ready to retire last week. The Chiefs are hot and stay that way. Chiefs win!

Chargers at Raiders – Raiders get Derek Carr back. However, their secondary is awful and Phillip Rivers controls this game. Chargers win!

Giants at Broncos – Broncos are coming off their bye week. That won’t matter against the Giants. They could have prepared for them in one day. Broncos win!

Colts at Titans – Jacoby Brissett is making it tough on Chuck Pagano. Keep playing well and the Andrew Luck injury questions will remain. Titans are different when Marcus Mariota is out. Colts win!

Will the new leader keep and extend his lead or will there be another lead change? Stay tuned. We hope you enjoy week 6 in the NFL.

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