NFL Rumors: Week 6 Coaching Hot Seat

Every year the NFL sees a turnover in coaching staffs. This season will probably be no different. Moreover, after week five in the NFL there are two that stand out. However, are there more? There could be a few more whose seat gets hotter in the coming weeks. These five are the ones feeling the warmth right now.

  1. Marvin Lewis – Cincinnati Bengals

Lewis is the longest-tenured head coach in the NFL. However, after a losing season in 2016 and a sub-par first-quarter, Lewis can begin feeling a warm spot on his backside. The Bengals have been one of the best teams in the AFC North for a while now. Nonetheless, the Lewis led Bengals are nowhere near the team they have been in the past. If not for being in a division with the Cleveland Browns they would be cellar dwellers.

This may not be a said common firing of the sorts. Lewis may choose to retire at the end of this season as well. Either way, there could be an opening in Cincy come 2018.

  1. Dirk Koetter – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Koetter was given the job in 2016 after a surprise release of Lovie Smith. And while the offense of the Buccaneers is one of the better ones in the NFL, they still have the same issues on defense that they had with Smith. They lack in secondary coverage and pass rush.

Now is this all on Koetter, no. Koetter was kept in part due to Jameis Winston. Nonetheless, he has a say in who he hires on his staff. If there is not an improvement over the rest of the season Koetter could be asked to make some changes. If he does not, it could be Dirk Koetter that is looking for work in the NFL.

  1. Bruce Arians – Arizona Cardinals

The NFL usually has that one surprise firing at the end of the season. This could be that one. Although Arians is playing with a spoiled deck, sometimes that leads to a coaches downfall. Carson Palmer is aging and he could be seeing his last year in the NFL. The star player, David Johnson goes down with an injury. Now they bring in another aging veteran in Adrian Peterson. If this move does not rectify the losing from the past couple of weeks, you could see the Arizona Cardinals looking at a new coaching staff for the 2018 NFL season.

  1. Hue Jackson – Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are awful. Here we are week 6 and they are already giving up on DeShone Kizer. Hue Jackson is a QB friendly head coach. He has one of the best reputations in the NFL when it comes to developing a QB and an offense. After two years in Cleveland, that experiment has failed. Will the front office let it go on another year to try to gain organizational stability?

  1. Ben McAdoo – New York Giants

This, of course, is the most obvious choice. His seat was hot after week 2. The Giants are not the best team in New York. Many picked this team as a contender for the Super Bowl this season. After 5 weeks all they are contending for is the number one overall pick in 2018. The Giants could easily be 0-7 going into their bye week. This could be a prime time to make an in-season move at the head position.

Coaching changes are a common thing at the end of the NFL Season. These five coaches are just a few of the ones that could be looking for work. Who knows, maybe by seasons end, none of these guys will be looking for work. Stay tuned.

Who would you add or take away from this list? Leave a comment below.

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