AAC Recap Week 6: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Well, we are now 6 weeks in and the picture of which teams need to be where is coming in clear as to where each team fits in the AAC Conference. One of the most important facts about this Conference is that the American Athletic Conference and the SEC have the same amount of ranked teams in it. Further pushing what the conference has preached since the beginning, that it belongs in the Power Conferences. Either way, this weekend has some great games to it but for now, I will review the past weekend and where teams fall in line. Two teams in the conference can become bowl eligible this week with wins USF, and Navy.


AAC Football: The Good-  Still reigning supreme in this group is UCF, USF, Navy, Memphis, and newcomer Houston. UCF played on the road against Cincinnati and didn’t take long for them to muster up a 13-0 lead. In fact, it took less than 5 minutes of game clock on their way to 51 points in a rain-shortened victory.  USF was on the bye and will return home to face Cincinnati this weekend.  Navy squeaked by Air Force 48-45 and will now take on Memphis Saturday afternoon, whom Memphis turned around their beating from UCF and threw a 70 spot up against UConn. Houston took care of Western Division foe and in-state Rival SMU and now sits a half-game back of Navy for the Division lead.

AAC Football: The Bad- Again, these teams aren’t bad teams, they just aren’t the top-tier teams in the conference. This group is a very select few at this point as the difference between the top of this conference and the worst is very significant.  The AAC maybe looking at a small group of teams who actually become bowl eligible. In this group is SMU who has greatly improved based on their defensive line play. They will be a tough team to beat. This week, they get a bye and then will face Cincinnati in an attempt to get their 5th win of the season. Tulane was a team many did not expect to be playing this well but with their win over Tulsa, they have planted themselves in position to qualify for a Bowl for the first time since 2013.  The rest of the teams are going to have to greatly improve to move into this category.

AAC Football: The Ugly- These teams are in a world of hurt and their chances of getting to a Bowl game this season are slim to none. The first team just fell into this category with their embarrassing loss to Tulane and that is Tulsa. Tulsa is coming off a 10-win season and is now sitting at 1-5 and 0-2 in conference play. Temple is next on this list with a record of 3-3. They may have the best shot of turning it around among this group but that offense is pretty weak. Cincinnati is also on the threshold of possibly sneaking into the Bowl picture but would also need to right the ship sooner than later. This week they draw USF and next Navy, all after already drawing the best in the conference in UCF and losing. East Carolina is just slightly above UConn because they beat them head-to-head but now have the task of traveling to UCF and playing them at home for the first time since UCF became ranked. (Good luck with that). Last but certainly not least is UConn, sitting with 1 win on the season over lowly Holy Cross and losing last week to Memphis 70-31.  Next, they play Temple in Philly so it will be interesting to see what transpires. This could even clear up the conference a little more or it could murky up the waters once again. Either way, Charge On and remember #AmericanPow6r.

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