Kings Dominion: Twisted Timbers Is More Than Just A Coaster

Cedar Fair has done a phenomenal job of giving its new coasters a touch of originality. Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion has one of the most elaborate backstories of any coaster produced by Cedar Fair. And like Kings Island’s wooden coaster, Mystic Timbers, the theme, and the story is just as important as the coaster itself.

The selling point to Mystic Timbers at Kings Island is the great themeing around the ride. From the large vine-covered entrance sign to the infamous shed, the coaster is more of an experience than a coaster. That’s what Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion is looking to accomplish.

Twisted Timbers sits in the Candy Apple Grove section of Kings Dominion. The theme of the coaster is set to an apple grove which is re-opening for tours after an unknown force destroyed it many years ago. And while there won’t be a shed, this coaster will pack enough punch that it won’t matter.

If this coaster is anything like Mystic Timbers, you can expect heavy themeing in the entrance plaza and queue line. Judging by animated POV’s, Twisted Timbers won’t have themeing around the coaster itself, but that shouldn’t take away from the ride experience, as the backstory will interest enough park guests to ride.

Like all the rides to open in 2018, Twisted Timbers is going to be left behind by Steel Vengeance. Still, at least for me, I’m just as excited for Twisted Timbers as I am Steel Vengeance. I know the themeing around Timbers will be elaborate and well decorated, just like its Kings Island counterpart. You do have a backstory behind Steel Vengeance, but it’s almost a guarantee the coaster won’t be as heavily themed.

I applaud Cedar Fair for incorporating more backstory into their coasters. Kings Island set the bar high with Mystic Timbers and now Kings Dominion will look to do the same with Twisted Timbers. It’s about the experience, and a heavily themed ride is one way to give that to the park guest.

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