Cedar Point: Class Is In Session At Zombie High School

Have you ever wondered what your school would look like if it were infested with Zombies? Cedar Point makes that situation a reality in their long-running Haunted House, Zombie High School.

It’s regarded as one of the parks best scare attractions. And while I prefer Hexed and Slaughter House just a bit more, this is definitely one you’ll want to go back to.

As the name of the house states, it’s a school overrun with Zombies. Everything you’d expect from a school setting is there. You’ve got a band room, cafeteria, library, and homecoming dance, all serving as settings for this extremely elaborately themed house. Of course, the stars of the show are the Zombies, and there are plenty of them.

One way or another, you’re going to get scared in this house. If it’s not the Zombie scares that get you, it’s the loud banging which comes from the slamming of lockers or doors. That’s what did me in at Zombie High School. Not the scare actors, but the unexpected loud noises throughout the attraction.

I honestly can’t remember a point where I got extremely scared by a scare actor. The tensest I was came during the library sequence. The close and almost claustrophobic setting were really intense. The feeling of a Zombie peeking his head through the bookshelf got me a little on edge.

Still, the house does offer some great scares. Although, I did find myself looking at the elaborate sets than paying attention to the possibility of being scared. It really is a beautifully designed house. While not on par with some other Cedar Point houses, the theme kind of brought me back to High School.

Zombie High School is the first attraction you see upon entering Cedar Point. I’m not sure how long the queue can get for this house, but, about 25 minutes after Haunt opening on a Sunday, I waited about 5 minutes to enter. The house could be easy to miss, so that might work well in your favor if you intend to experience it. Just look for the bloodied yellow school bus as you enter.

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