New York Giants Rumors: Dial Up for some salsa

As the New York Giants continue to flounder in the NFC East, the situation has gotten bad. As they lost to the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, they lost several players on both the offense and defense. The offense took more of hit than the defense as they lost essentially the entire Wide Receiver core. It seems that the receivers won’t be back so fast.

Due to the lost of Beckham for probably the whole season, Brandon Marshall and Sterling Sheppard for probably a few weeks, the wide receivers core for the New York Giants has gotten thin. Since it hasn’t been brought up until now, the Giants may need to dial-up an old friend. I started getting the feeling that the Giants should bring back Victor Cruz. While he may not be young anymore, it doesn’t hurt for the Giants to bring him back. For starters, you can get him for probably next to nothing. There won’t be anytime needed for him to get adjusted to the offense because for a good amount of years he was with the Giants.

Probably the biggest reason I would go the route of Victor Cruz is you won’t be able to use three tight ends every week. It would during the game on Sunday, but that was for about a quarter. Personally, the loss of Beckham will be tough to fill because you o the speed that he brought to this team. The loss of Marshall and Sheppard will also be bad, but I don’t expect them to miss too much time. While there is probably no hope during this season, you want to give the Giants fans something to look forward to on Sundays.

The Giants are 0-5 and have the worst record in the NFC. They also are in last place and it will be a long season for the Giants.


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