Deception: How different is it from Castle?

During New York Comic Con, fans were invited to sit on a panel of the new ABC show Deception. Throughout the years, ABC has had plenty of success with shows like Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away with Murder and more. However, it’s a past show that has left a hole in loyal viewers hearts. Since ABC had to abruptly end their Castle run due to a personal conflict, ABC has tried to replace it but could not find the right show to fill its void. Well, maybe the wait is finally over.

But the question is; will Deception be better than Castle?

At first glance the similarities are scary. Castle, centered around a writer, Richard Castle who worked with the New York Police Department to help solve crimes plus offer inspiration for his novels. In the process, he was often paired with hot detective Kate Beckett. As most shows go, a friendship was sparked which would lead to the pair dating then eventually getting married.

For 8 seasons, fans watched some of the best crime stories but it was the chemistry between Stana Katic (Kate Beckett) and Nathon Fillion (Richard Castle) that had fans glued to their TV. Deception is a mirror image of Castle with the hot female FBI agent in Kay Daniels (Ilfenesh Hadera) coupled with Magician/helper Cameron Black (Jack Cutmore-Scott).

In the end, the show could work but it has some pretty huge shoes to fill if the goal is to reach that Castle status. After watching the entire first episode during NYCC I saw the direction ABC wishes to go. Hot female lead cop, funny sidekick co-lead guy, a bunch of nameless faces in the background like detectives, friends and a possible romance. Sounds familiar?

The potential is there and that’s only because the show is not original. What ABC did was take the frustration of all Castle viewers and give them a similar show in hopes they will come back. The storyline will be the same with shootouts, jokes, crime solving and how can we forget that all-important; budding romance?

As a Castle fan, I have mixed reviews after watching the exclusive episode of Deception. The show is not terrible but after the screening, in the back of my mind I kept saying “I seen this before”. If ABC was so hell-bent on doing a remake, why not keep some of the original cast and do a spinoff? This is disrespectful to Castle fans and the memory of the show.

Be original ABC. We expect better.

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