A True Haunted Houses, G.A. Boeckling’s Eerie Estate Is A Creepy Experience

G.A. Boeckling’s Eerie Estate at Cedar Point is a classic Haunted House. I say this because the Haunt is done throughout, you guessed it, a Haunted House. It’s not my favorite house at the park, but overall it was a fun and entertaining attraction.

There’s not much to say about Eerie Estate that hasn’t been said about the other houses. The themeing is gorgeous, and the scares are quite good. The thing with this house is the lovely antique furniture spread out across the house. It really sets the mood for the eerie nature of the estate.

The scares in this house were actually pretty good. I was last in the house and the actors did a good job of following me from room to room. I’d say that’s what scared me the most. The feeling of being followed is quite scary to me. Scare actors did a great job of making me feel uncomfortable .

The rooms themselves looked stunning. As mentioned before, the antique furniture did a great job conveying the theme of the house. There are so many little things to see in Eerie Estate. From the pictures on the wall to the piano, it’s quite the visually appealing house.

Here’s my one complaint with the Eerie Estate. There’s a lot of darkness in the Haunt. Some of the transitions to the scenes were quite bare. It’s a little thing to be picky about, but it annoyed me somewhat. Otherwise, Eerie Estate was first class. This one issue didn’t take away from my love of the many scenes.

The line for Eerie Estate was longer than most houses at Cedar Point. It was surprising since I went on a Sunday. I’d say the wait was about 25 minutes. Maybe make this one of the first houses you go to.

I didn’t have much anticipation for this house. I’ll admit that it surprised me. Eerie Estate wasn’t the best themed nor was it the scariest (although there are a few really good jump scares. ), but it wasn’t bad by any means. It’s definitely worth a visit, as are all of the Cedar Point houses.

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