Tampa Bay Buccaneers: What Happened against the New England Patriots?

After a grueling Thursday Night Football game against The New England Patriots at The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Super Bowl defending champions came out on top winning 19-14. There were a lot of things that went wrong in this game, ultimately costing The Bucs to win the game, and I’ve outlined some of the negatives and the positives about the Bucs second loss of the season.

Kicking Ourselves

Week 4’s hero Nick Folk is most likely kicking himself in the butt, don’t worry he missed. Regardless of the fact, last night was a rough night for Folk, missing THREE big-time field goals, and ultimately losing the game on a terrible attempt at an onside kick. Folk was having a problem last week but was the hero who won the game.

This week, with those missed field goals, he ultimately lost the game for the Bucs. Now the Bucs are holding open tryouts for the locker position, looking to replace their kicker for the third time this year. Just think about this, the Bucs would have never had this problem if they would have just held on to Matt Bryant.

Muscle Hamster Needs Bigger Wheel

Doug Martin was amazing in his return, practically not missing a beat with the offense, besides a few dropped passes from Winston, Martin ran the ball exceptionally well and scored the first touchdown of the game. But after the first touchdown, the Bucs seemed to disappear from the run game. Looking to win the game with a multitude of passes, instead of managing the clock and playing off of the play action. The play calling also killed the momentum and speed of the game, and instead of K.I.S.S., they wanted to outsmart the Patriots instead of outplaying them, ultimately losing the game.

Defensive State Of Mind

If I were to tell you that Tom Brady barely three for 300 yards, one touchdown, one interception, along with a fumble, against The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you probably wouldn’t believe me. Yet, with three of their starting defensive players out, the Bucs were able to accomplish this, along with creating havoc for Tom Brady. The Bucs played stellar defense but eventually became gassed from all of the offensive Three and outs. The Bucs did better than most expected, and should be proud of their defensive efforts.

With all of this being said, the Bucs had multiple opportunities that were not seized, due to anything aforementioned above, along with pointless penalties and bad play calling. With the Bucs sitting even at .500 at (2-2), they look to take on the Arizona Cardinals and rebound with a big road win to bump them over the .500 mark.

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