Can the Buffalo Sabres Find Itself In Time To Make Noise?

So, with the moves made by management during the offseason, the fans are left wondering where the Buffalo Sabres improved. However, based on who the head coach is now, it may be a safe bet to say they will improve.

New head coach Phil Housley came in already started to shape the roster to his liking. For the most part, the Sabres have kept the nucleus of the team intact. Jack Eichel will still be the centerpiece of this team. Jason Pominville has been brought back, and Benoit Pouliot has also been brought in to help offensive production.

Before you look at the aforementioned statement and ask “why should Pouliot be mentioned as a key signing?” Well, he had 30+ pointe the last three out of four seasons. Put him with any of the top guys, and he could have a new niche, and fast.

On the defensive side, Marco Scandella, Nathan Beaulieu, and goalie Chad Johnson were brought in by trade or free agency. Tyler Ennis, Dimitri Kulikov, Marcus Foligno, and Anders Nilsson departed either via trade or free agency. The scoring for Buffalo was weak. The defense, on the other hand, surrendered 230 goals by season’s end.

The season has started, and Buffalo might have lost. But with a hall of fame player turn coach, Buffalo is on its way. Will they win the Stanley Cup this year? While doubtful, anything is possible. Buffalo has the talent to succeed soon.

If there are any Sabres fans reading this, expect the Sabres to go where Jack Eichel goes. 81 Games are a long road to travel, but a “one game at a time” mentality could be what they need to do better than last year. As a hockey fan in general, it is tough to see anyone truly fail.  Buffalo, though, will conquer its bad luck soon.

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