NFL: Top three candidates for first-quarter MVP

After four weeks in the NFL, we have one undefeated team and several surprises. One thing that no one talking about is the first-quarter MVP. There are three top candidates for the first quarter. Those players have been the top leaders, not only on their own team but in the NFL as well. If not for these players where would their teams be? Below are my three candidates for the first-quarter MVP of the NFL.

  1. Kareem Hunt – RB Kansas City Chiefs

Hunt is the rookie running back or the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs drafted him in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft. This was a position of need for the Chiefs. They were seemingly cutting ties with their longtime leader Jamaal Charles. They had Spencer Ware but what has he really done? So Andy Reid drafted Hunt.

The 5’11” 216 lbs back out of Toledo has been nothing below stellar. Kareem Hunt came on the scene thanks to an injury to the aforementioned Ware. He currently leads the NFL in rushing (502 yards). Hunt has a 140 yard lead over Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley. Barring an injury, Hunt seems to be uncatchable with this lead.

Without the emergence of Hunt leading the Chiefs running game would the team be undefeated? Yes, other are playing well, but would the rest of the offense be respected if the Chiefs did not have a running game. This is the reason that I am placing Hunt in my top three for the first-quarter MVP.

  1. Todd Gurley – RB Los Angeles Rams

Gurley has returned, early in the season, to his rookie form. Gurley is giving the Rams every bit of the balance that they are requiring for the young QB, Jared Goff. He is currently second in the NFL behind, another MVP candidate, Chiefs RB, Kareem Hunt. Gurley sits at 362 yards.

I already mentioned the balance that the Rams have with Gurley. The same can be said about this team that we said with the Chiefs, where would they be without the respectable running game? Gurley keeps defenses honest. He is also a weapon out of the backfield, keeping defenses even more off balance. His completeness is the reason why Todd Gurley is listed as a first-quarter MVP candidate.

  1. Alex Smith – QB Kansas City Chiefs

Smith has found the fountain of youth. He is playing some of the best football in his career through the first four games of the season. He not just leading the Chiefs with his arms but his legs too. He is a top 10 quarterback right now (#10 1, 067 yards). Smith also has 89 yards rushing on 18 carries. That is an average of 5 yards per carry.

This could be the last year that Smith is the QB of the Chiefs. He is in a contract year and the team made a telling move in the 2017 NFL Draft. They jumped up 17 spots to take Patrick Mahomes II with the 10th pick. So aside from leading the Chiefs the best possible way he can, Smith is also auditioning for a new club. He wants to show teams that he can still play well at the age of 34. His play thus far is well worthy of the MVP.

These are your top three candidates for MVP of the first-quarter of the season. Who is your MVP through four games? Is he listed here? Which of these three would you select as your MVP? Check out my Twitter poll

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