Cedar Point: Slaughter House Is Everything A Haunted House Should Be

Slaughter House is one of the best haunt attractions at Cedar Point. While not my favorite house in terms of scares, it’s probably the best themed. All of that makes a difference when determining the overall feel of a haunted attraction.

For starters, Slaughter House is featured prominently on the Frontier Trail. It’s significant because the haunt is right around the area of the petting zoo/livestock section of Cedar Point. Considering the theme of Slaughterhouse is a meat distribution factory, having the location next to livestock almost seems inhumane. Although, something about that just seems right.

The front of the house is on par with some of the best I’ve seen. It’s a simple factory facade, but it really does look like a meat plant. You’re treated to a mini-scare zone before you enter the house as well. You’ll walk through a small meat market with some scare actors before you even enter the house queue line. It’s a simple touch that added to the experience.

The inside of Slaughter House is brilliant. From the scenes of hanging meat to the grinders, it’s a well-themed attraction. The memorable part of the house is the inflatables which simulate a meat grinder. You really need to squeeze through them, and it goes on forever. It can be a real claustrophobic feeling for some.

The scare actors do a great job in the house as well. I remember a point in the house where someone came up behind me and did a snort (almost like a pig), and got me pretty good. The end scare was the best part though. And while I won’t give too much away, I’ll say it involved a chainsaw.

Cedar Point has done a great job with their mazes. Slaughter House was one of the best in my opinion. Animal lovers might wish to stay away, but most will find it to be quite sadistic. That’s the type of reaction you want to get out of a house. Cedar Point succeeds with this one.

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