Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Keys to victory vs. the New England Patriots

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) host The New England Patriots (2-2) on Thursday night in Tampa, Florida. Both teams have an immense amount of pressure on their perspective sides, but I am going to tell you what the Bucs need to do to ensure a victory against The Defending Super Bowl Champions.

1. Return of The Muscle Hamster
The return of Doug “Muscle Hamster” Martin is going to be able to bring so much life to this struggling rushing offense. With a shared backfield of Rodgers and Sims, hardly ever breaking over 100 yards in any games this season, it has been a long waiting period for The Bucs and their fans. Martin was suspended for three games due to violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

Tampa Bay looks for Martin to return in form of his first couple years when he was a dominant threat out of the backfield. This will be able to give Winston time to make plays in the pocket and keep the Patriots on their toes.

2. Under Pressure
Every team in the NFL knows that if Winston gets under too much pressure, he will crack and make mistakes. The offensive line and the run game need to balance out and help Winston have time to ensure great plays and no turnovers. While on the flip side, if The Bucs defensive line can get back in the pocket and disrupt Tom Brady, and get him on the ground a couple times, they have a high chance at success of winning the game. Both quarterbacks are MVP caliber at this moment, and if Tampa’s defensive line can ruffle Brady’s feathers, Winston will be able to outshine him as well.

3. K.I.S.S.
Growing up, I was always told to K.I.S.S. my problems and not overthink what to do. Keep It Simple Stupid is exactly what I would say to Tampa Bay and all of the coaching staff and players for this huge game on Thursday. The Bucs are not going to be able to outsmart the Patriots, they just have to outplay them. If the Bucs can keep the play calling simple, on both sides of the ball, The Bucs will continue to improve their chances at winning this game.

With all of that being said, my honest prediction for this game is that both teams are going to score a lot of points, and whoever scores the most will win… I’m joking, honestly, if the Bucs can follow these three simple quest then they will have the ultimate success. I predict the Bucs will have a career day on offense, and the score will be 38-35 Tampa seals the game with a last-minute field goal. Be sure to check out the recap and what the Bucs did right or wrong following the game!

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