Las Vegas Golden Knights: All eyes on expansion team in inaugural season

For more reasons than the fact it is their inaugural year in the National Hockey League (NHL), all eyes are on the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Historically, Americans look to sports directly following a tragedy as sort of an escape and a sense of building the community from the inside. After the horrific and senseless shooting October 1, the burden falls on this young franchise to put this city back together and make them believe that there is good in the world.

The Golden Knights face a tough task in this regard, as they belong in the Pacific division. Last season, three teams from the Pacific division made the postseason, which is the most out of any division in the Western Conference last season.  The team that will give Las Vegas the hardest challenge is the Anaheim Ducks, who made it all the way to the conference finals last year but failed to make the Stanley Cup Finals. The Ducks were eliminated by the Nashville Predators.

Las Vegas is currently held at 200-1 odds to win the Stanley Cup this season, but many experts are saying they will be better than projected.

Sports are not played by robots; sports are played by human beings who play with emotion. As we have seen from every other league, home advantage does go a very long way. If it did not, the Los Angeles Chargers would not be struggling as much as they are in L.A. with the team they have. But that is another story.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights will make the citizens of Las Vegas feel pride in their new team, and all they would have to do is make noise in the postseason. Even though that is very simply stated, one can not undermine the fact that with their division, and the fact they are an expansion team with a mish-mash of players from other squads, their road to the playoffs will be a rocky one.

One of the reasons we love sports is because of the underdog stories. Needless to say, the Golden Knights will be underdogs in the National Hockey League, but unlike most teams, they will have the support needed to possibly pull off one of the greatest stories in modern sports history. To be projected dead last, and then to come out of nowhere and even make the wild card? That will uplift any community.

Godspeed Golden Knights.


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