Boston Red Sox: Is John Farrell on the hot seat?

It’s been four years since the Boston Red Sox defeated the St Louis Cardinals to capture their third World Series title in 10 years. At the time, John Farrell seemed like the right manager for this team. In this four-year span, many things have changed and a younger core of talent has risen from the ranks. As this talent has risen, it’s becoming increasingly clear the franchise is heading in a new direction. A direction that may or may not include John Farrell.

In 2013 after two years of dysfunction that involved the Red Sox losing game 162 in 2011 and the impending controversy of “Beer Gate,” manager Terry Francona was dismissed as the club’s manager. Then followed the failed experiment of Bobby Valentine, which led the club to bring in John Farrell. A familiar face who knew the organization well. As he was the pitching coach for the Red Sox when they won the World Series in 2007.

Flash forward four years later the Red Sox are back in the playoffs for the second straight season. Winners of back to back Division Titles for the first time in franchise history. Why is John on the hot seat then? any franchise would be happy to have such success. The simple fact is the organization and the fans expect more! As such the seat under John Farrell couldn’t be any hotter.

When Ben Cherington was fired after the 2015 season. Dave Dombrowski was brought in as President of Baseball Operations. One of Dave’s first moves was at the starting pitching position with David Price who signed one of the richest contracts in franchise history.

The next move was revamping the Boston Bullpen by locking up the back-end with flamethrower Craig Kimbrel, who was acquired from the San Diego Padres in a blockbuster trade. An even bigger trade was this past off-season when the Red Sox traded for one of the best pitchers in baseball, Chris Sale. A lot of money and a lot of prospects have been sacrificed in order to get the Red Sox to the current postseason.

Failure for Farrell is not an option. Farrell is not Dave’s guy meaning Farrell is a product of the Ben Cherington’s regime. If the Red Sox are embarrassed as they were last season. When they were dispatched by former manager Terry Francona’s  Cleveland Indians after only 3 games. Don’t be surprised if Dave brings in his guy to take over.

In the meantime, it’s up to Farrell to navigate this team to a deep run in the Post Season. Failure is not an option. Embarrassment will not be tolerated by the fans or this organization. Farrell must pull out all the stops to try to upset a good Houston Astros team. Whether it be playing small ball and being aggressive on the base paths as the Sox have done all season long. Or taking a page from his mentor Terry Francona’s book and calling upon Craig Kimbrel in an earlier inning to dash the Astros hopes of scoring.

Whatever the case may be, Farrell is managing for his future. There’s no time like the present for Farrell to prove us all wrong and cast away our doubts for good.

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