Cedar Point: Midnight Syndicate Haunt – A Must Do For Anyone Who Visits

There are a lot of Halloween events at Cedar Point. The best of them all might be Midnight Syndicate, a gothic orchestral group based out of Northeast Ohio.

You’ve probably heard Midnight Syndicate before. There creepy musical stylings have been featured in numerous Haunted attractions across the world. They bring their vision to life at Cedar Point in a 25-minute show. It’s an absolutely frightening ordeal that kept me entertained throughout.

I’ve wanted to see Midnight Syndicate at Cedar Point for quite some time. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just as excited for them as I was the Haunted attractions as well. I came away so impressed by the show, I’d probably see it a few more times on my return visits throughout October.

You don’t appreciate music until you hear it live. That’s how I felt with Midnight Syndicate. Normally I wouldn’t listen to the gothic style sounds of this group, but after watching this show I can happily say I’m a new fan. However, it’s not just the music which will draw you in, the show itself is quite good.

You think you’re treated to a 25-minute musical performance, but there is a story behind the show. Without giving too much away, I’ll say that it involves the paranormal. You’re shown videos, which Midnight Syndicate does the music in the background, and live actors. It all leads up to a very tense conclusion that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Midnight Syndicate will make you a fan over the course of the show. If not for the music, just for the entertainment value alone. Of all the theme park shows I’ve done, this ranks very high on my list, even beating some classic Disney offerings as well. Yes, that might seem a bit exaggerated, but I truly believe it’s that damn good.

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