AAC Football Week 5 in Review: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Well, we are five weeks into the college football season and at least every team in the AAC has played one conference game. The east division is shaping up as they thought it would with UCF and USF in first and second place, respectively. The west division has changed a bit as Memphis was handed a loss at the hands of UCF. But without further ado here are the Good Bad and the Ugly from the AAC football teams during Week 5 action.

AAC Football: The Good

Well, in this group now will still be UCF, USF, Navy, and Memphis. Now Memphis stays in this group because they did beat UCLA and that is a quality win. We will see if they move out of this group next week. UCF flexed their muscles for a second straight week as they won handily over Memphis 40-13.

USF blew by a weak ECU team 61-31 although the game was a lot closer than the score would indicate or that USF would prefer. Navy took care of Tulsa who was a 10 win team last year but is looking like they are having a down season as they have now fallen to 1-4.  Memphis is hanging on in this group of teams. They play a very weak UConn team this week they need to blow them out of the water prior to their showdown against Navy on 10/14.

ACC Football: The Bad

As always, this doesn’t mean they are a bad team. Only that some of these teams have had a bad streak. They are either are not in the good group just yet or have fallen out of the good group. Teams in this group include SMU, Houston, Tulsa, Tulane, and Cincinnati.SMU has been outstanding this season and has

SMU has been outstanding this season and has overachieved so far their only loss is to TCU so they are very close to moving up to that good group. Houston is another team that is performing well and could move out of the bag group. The good news is one of them will. The bad news is the other will take a conference loss as they play each other this week.

Tulsa has just hit a bad patch and is better than their 1-4 record but another loss this week and they will be headed to the ugly group as their season will be in dire straits. Tulane is playing ok football and is facing Tulsa this week. Cincinnati was playing well and then Marshall came to town and imposed their will on Cincinnati. Things don’t get any better as the hottest team in the AAC comes to town in UCF and they will not be overlooking this Cincinnati team.

AAC Football: The Ugly

Teams in this group don’t have a good outlook and their season is basically over. Temple, East Caro, ina and UConn I am looking at you guys. Temple is in the midst of a two-game losing streak but why they are in the ugly is their offense. It looks horrendous and hasnt been improving. Thankfully they get a little bit of a breather as they are taking on ECU next.

ECU is the next team in this group as they only have one win on the season and it is against fellow ugly group team, UConn. They have not looked good in any of these games that they have lost either. ECU looks ready for a 3 win season.  UConn just hasn’t had any breaks as their only win was against a Holy Cross team who isn’t very good. The Huskies have been blown out in two of their three losses. The only one they weren’t blown out in was against ECU.  Memphis is up next for them and UConn will more than likely drop to 1-4.

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