Winnipeg Jets: Can The Jets Take Off This Season?

The Winnipeg Jets were able to escape the expansion draft with minimal damage. Chris Thorburn would (have been lost to the expansion draft, however, he became a free agent and signed with the Blues. Aside from Thorburn, only two other players departed.

What does that mean? Well, if you’re one to believe in chemistry, the rest of the roster pretty much remained the same. For the rest of the Central Division, this could be a dangerous situation. The Winnipeg Jets still have a great deal of offensive power on this team. Now that the free agency period is over, other needs have also been met.

With Patrick Laine, Mark Scheifele, Nikolaj Ehlers, and Blake Wheeler, the Jets are stacked with young offensive firepower. So much so, that the offensive firepower can lead the league in goals. Looking at the numbers from the players above, these men could lead the league in scoring goals together. Nikolaj Ehlers alone had 64 points last season. With the aforementioned players finding chemistry and their place on the team, there is no telling where this team will be by season’s end. Or even better, how dangerous the Jets could be next year and further down the road.

Chemistry is an important aspect in sports. Those who even each other out, they seem to find the most success. Those players that don’t mix well, they will end up finding the door. With that in mind, Jets management should be given some props. While some people have criticized them for lack of free agency moves in season’s past, it seems as though the development of the team has paid off.

Mark Scheifele, a man that many considered as underperforming has found his way. The Jets defense is also “clicking” because management and coaching haven’t disturbed development. While the Jets May have been overlooked in the recent past, the players and staff are slowly building a positive reputation.

With that said, there are some new faces added to the familiar names everyone knows. Coincidentally, with additions, subtractions must follow. The list of Jets roster moves can be found below:

Key Roster additions

Steve Mason: Signed 2-year contract in free agency.

Dimitry Kulikov: Signed 3-year contract in free agency.

Matt Hendricks: Signed 1-year contract in free agency.

The key players missing from the Jets roster are as follows:

Ondrej Pavelec: Signed contract with New York Rangers in free agency.

Chris Thorburn: Signed with St. Louis Blues in free agency.

Paul Postma: Signed with Boston Bruins in free agency.

All things considered, the Winnipeg Jets had a decent off-season. They were in the group of teams that did not have to make drastic changes, and therefore should make an impact positively in the division. While it is uncertain if the Jets will make it past the first round, or even into the playoffs, the Jets will at least make some noise.

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