Washington Redskins: Good, Bad, and WTF against the Kansas City Chiefs

On Monday Night, the Washington Redskins had a chance to go into their bye week tied for first in the NFC East. It would take a flawless effort against, what seems to be, the best team in the league at this time. However, flawless was not in the cards Monday Night. The Redskins succumbed to the Kansas City Chiefs 29-20. Here is the Good, the bad, and the WTF from the crushing defeat.

The Good

Kirk Cousins

This may be the best that I have seen Kirk Cousins play. It is by far his best performance through four games. He put the team on his back in the game-tying drive of the 4th quarter. The throw he made to Josh Doctson for the possible go-ahead TD was in a spot where only Doctson was going to get it. If that ball is any other place, Doctson has no chance due to defense. Anyone thinking that Cousins was the reason behind this loss was watching a completely different game.

Jay Gruden

Over the last 3 weeks, Jay Gruden has been on top of his game. He has had a full control over the offense and is making the machine run. He has not shied away from the run game. His play calling has been on point and he is getting his offense into a solid rhythm. Keeping this up is only going to help this team going forward. He, at times, may have clock management issues. However, the flow keeping the flow of the game is what matters right now. That, he is doing.

The Bad


This was another game that came down to attrition for the Washington Redskins. CB Josh Norman seems to have suffered the biggest injury. Coach Gruden stated at halftime Monday Night “Norman may miss a couple of weeks.” His loss on the field was evident. The defense was a different beast after he went.

There were also several other players who went down with injuries. WR Josh Doctson, S Montae Nicholson, LB Zach Brown, LB Martell Spaight, LB Mason Foster, and CB Quinton Dunbar all went down with some sort of injury. However, they all returned at some point in the game.


The Washington Redskins cost themselves with penalties Monday Night. They gave the Chiefs 5 first downs via penalty. Two of those penalties came on third downs that would have gotten the defense off the field. The Chiefs ended up scoring on both of those drives. Although this team is playing well, it is still too young to overcome many costly mistakes.



The receivers of the Washington Redskins have suffered from the drops through the first four games of the season. Last night two of the drops were critical. The $8 million WR Terrelle Pryor alligator armed a slant pass that would have picked up a key first down a drive in the second quarter. This is not the first time this season that he has done this.

The other came on the throw to Doctson in the end zone. Although the catch would have been spectacular, he should come down with a catch. He must learn to cradle the ball higher for taking the impact with the ground.

Jordan Reed

Here is a player that is missing way too much, for what we have paid him. When on the field, he is one of the best TEs in the game. He has to learn to play through some of these minor injuries. His time away from Cousins and this offense is ruining the timing. He also messed up a critical third-down play by not continuing into the opening and just checking up his route. This is a matter of missing time. Man up big boy.

The Washington Redskins took a swing at one of the powerhouses last night. They showed they could take that punch and stay in the fight. The team also landed some punches of their own. Depending on the injury status going forward, this team could be destined for solid things in 2017.

Next up for the Redskins is their bye week. After Monday Night, it may be coming at the right time. They face a home game against the San Francisco 49ers in week 6.

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