Don’t Be Scared, Here Are The Top Haunted Houses At Cedar Point

The Haunted Houses at Cedar Point take center stage in the coming Halloweekends. Maybe more so than the coasters, the houses generally draw the longest lines at the park. Visiting the park on Sunday is generally a good time, as lines are shorter. Even if the outdoor scare zones are closed, the houses still do their fair share of scaring. What are the rankings of the Cedar Point Haunted Houses?

(I did not visit the Deprivation house. Something about a pitch black room with no scare actors doesn’t appeal to me.)

1. Hexed

My top house of the night goes to Hexed. The theme is set to a group of witches inside a cursed house. I’m usually not a fan of witchcraft, but this might have changed my tune. The house is beautifully themed, especially the opening scene with the staircase. My girlfriend and I got the best scares of the night at Hexed. This is in large part because we were the only ones in the house at the time of entering.

2. Slaughterhouse

In my opinion the best-themed house at Cedar Point, Slaughterhouse is exactly what you’d think it is. Great themeing around the house, especially in the later stages of the attraction. The most terrifying part of the house isn’t the scare actors, but rather the inflatable that you walk through to stimulate a meat grinder. If you’re claustrophobic it might be best to avoid this house. Also, animal lovers should stay far away from this one.

3. Fearground Freakshow

The newest Cedar Point house, Freakshow is one of the most vibrant houses at the park. It’s got your typical carnival-like sideshow acts such as the bearded lady, gypsy’s, and ventriloquist. There are massive amounts of props in this one, and it’s the most decorated house to look at from the outside. It might not be the scariest haunt, but the themeing was spot on.

4. Zombie High School
Imagine your high school overrun with Zombies. That’s the premise behind this house. The sets were brilliant, especially the cafeteria and homecoming dance scene. While the scare actors do an admirable job, it’s the slamming of lockers, walls, and doors that really got me to jump. My only issue with this house is the library scene. I wish they did more with that, as it’s set up well for a lot more scares.

5. Eerie Estate
I didn’t have a lot of expectations for this house. Honestly, it didn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I’ll admit that I really ended up liking it. The old furniture and music in the house set the mood for what’s one of the creepiest houses I’ve done. Walking in the back, I was quite scared of scare actors following me throughout the house. There are quite a few good scares here. The only complaint is the house can be pitch black at times, making it hard to navigate where you are going.

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