Chargers losing battle for LA, relevancy

Since their departure from San Diego, the fight for LA has quickly become a losing battle for the Chargers, as it has now become the “fight for relevance.” The Chargers marketing team has put together a rather lazy and short-sided marketing scheme called “#FightForLA,” a ploy which has been a complete joke through the team’s short tenure in the LA area.

From the drop in ratings to barely selling out a 30,000-seat soccer stadium, the Chargers have done nothing short of alienate its once loyal fan base. Making matters even worse, the team that was once one of the favorites to win the AFC West has yet to even win a game in four chances.

Have you watched a Chargers game this season, a home game, especially? Not only is attendance worse than it was last season in San Diego, even Chargers fans are not showing up to the game.

Although the team has been saying all home games have been “sell outs,” they tarp some of the sections of the stadium to make it easier to sell tickets, thus, in turn, providing a different optic for the viewers watching from home.

Wait, easier to sell tickets? There are only 30,000 seats! They can’t sell 5,000 more tickets? On top of this, the tickets are being sold to the fans of away teams.

Last weekend, Chiefs Nation turn the Stub Hub Center into Arrowhead West. This weekend was even more embarrassing for Dean, and it’s all over major sports outlets. Bleacher Report tweeted this yesterday of the mass of Eagles fans (Shown here) in Stub Hub. Dean said a few years ago that the Rams moving to LA would cost the Chargers 25% of its fan base. Well, congratulations, as only 25% of Charger fans are showing up to games.

With the move to LA, Dean thought a bigger market would mean more fans to watch the Bolts. It’s quite the opposite in the old market of San Diego, where they were so sure fans would stick around the ratings have fallen to an all-time low (Look Here). It’s so bad in the LA market that Sundays match up with the Philadelphia Eagles was switched from the main network to a smaller network.

Even the Raiders, who don’t play in LA, are more important and relevant then the Bolts in the City of Angels.

Its once loyal and strong fan base Dean said would always be welcome, is not so welcome; BoltMan, the unofficial mascot for the Bolts for 20 years, was obtained and questioned by CSC security as he entered the game against Kansas City last Sunday. He was later allowed to attend the game on the premise that he would not be allowed back in with the BoltMan costume again. So much for being loyal to their fans. A fan who has rallied the fan base for 20 years is told he can no longer be the centerpiece of its rallying cry.

I’m sorry but if you’re trying to fight for a city, wouldn’t you want someone who has been rallying #ChargersNation for decades.

In conclusion, the fight for LA was a mirage created to win over fans in its new market that would be shared with the Rams. But what the fight for LA has really done is it continues to show the shortsighted arrogance of Dean Spanos. He was arrogant to believe he could move his team out of San Diego and still have the majority of the SD fan base follow.

Dean, they wouldn’t hop on the trolley to go to a game! What the hell made you think they would drive up the 5 freeway to watch that shit show!

On top of this, he starts an ad campaign aimed at only wanting to fight for LA. Forget the San Diego fans he just burned on his way out, forgetting there’s a huge SoCal market at his disposal. But no! He just wanted LA fans. Well, the people have spoken and they don’t want you or the Chargers in LA!!

With this embarrassment of riches, where will the line be drawn for the NFL? Can they stand having a franchise in a city which doesn’t care for them? If the Chargers can’t get 25,000 of their own fans in a soccer stadium, just imagine the Chargers in Inglewood with 80,000 seats to fill.

Do us all a favor, Deano, and admit your mistake, end this nightmare and move on. Re-open talks with San Diego and put the franchise back where it belongs. This fight for LA has been lost and so has the Chargers’ relevance, too.

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