Cedar Point: Step Right Up, Fearground Freakshow Is One Of The Strongest Haunted Houses

Cedar Point puts on one of the best Halloween events in the Nation. Halloweekends is home to some amazing haunted houses, scare zones, and live entertainment. The parks newest house, Fearground Freakshow, is also one of its best.

Replacing the classic Eternity Infirmary, Freakshow plays off of the classic carnival horror that many have seen from the likes of American Horror Story. The house is quite strong, especially when it comes to themeing. You’re treated to a large display which features carnival posters, and a giant marquee featuring the name of the Haunt.

Being that the house is so predominant in the park, the lines for this Haunt can get quite long. My girlfriend and I waited about 20 minutes for this house. And seeing as how we walked onto Slaughterhouse, which was about 2 minutes from Freakshow, the lines were quite surprising for the parks newest attraction.

I’ll admit that the scares weren’t as good with this house. It has a lot to do with the placement of your party. My girlfriend and I were situated near the back of the line, and most of the actors were fixated on one scared girl at the front. And they tormented her the entire time.

The scenery in the house is top-notch. From the sets to the giant Jack in the Box, which I’m almost positive was used during the Cedar Point toy factory maze from years ago. There is a lot to look at. The most scenic part of this house was the circular room with disco lights, as it featured many scare actors, including a bearded lady.

Many have knocked the house for it being a tad tame. Sure, it wasn’t the scariest of houses, but the themeing was superb, and that to me makes a difference. It’s definitely better than Eternity Infirmary, which has always been one of my least favorite haunts at Cedar Point.

As mentioned before, the line for Freakshow can get quite long. I went on a Sunday and it was busy. I’d suggest making this one of your first houses and working your way up towards the front of the park. Overall, great new house from Cedar Point. Let’s just see a few more scares for next year.

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