Politics: President Donald Trump should concern himself with more than the NFL

It seems that the President of the United States has a lot on his plate. There are currently 3,474,182 people who are living in a devastated land that has been destroyed by two major hurricanes in Puerto Rico. There are tensions brewing between the United States and North Korea that is leading many people to feel we will be heading towards a nuclear war at some point. While you would think those should be high on Trump’s list, they are up there. However, they aren’t the top of this list. Our President’s biggest concern is that the NFL players are kneeling for the National Anthem.

In case you don’t know what I am talking about, a while back we saw former San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick kneel for the National Anthem prior to a preseason game. The story died out and wasn’t being talked about until Trump opened his big mouth. While Trump was in Alabama speaking at a rally a few weeks ago and this was the line he said to bring this topic back up. At the rally, Trump turned around and said, “The NFL should get those SOB’s off the field if they kneel for the National Anthem.” Since he said this, there has been a firestorm of people who have basically turned their back on the sport. It has now gotten to the point that Direct TV is offering customers a full refund for the NFL Sunday Ticket Package if their reason is the National Anthem protest.

Here is why I have a few problems with these people. It seems that people are forgetting the fact that the players who are kneeling are kneeling at the injustice they see in their neighborhoods. You are taught in sports to take a knee when someone is injured during the game, so the players see it as that democracy is injured. Also, I don’t understand where the hate towards the NFL was when we saw player after player getting brought up on domestic violence charges. When guys like Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, and Josh Brown were all brought up on domestic violence charges, there was not this much outrage. So, personally, the people who are burning their team apparel are hypocrites. They support the NFL when players are beating up their wives and girlfriends, but when they are kneeling that is a bad thing.

I am not saying that one is more important than the other, I am just saying that it should be one side over another. Also, these people who are burning their jerseys and team hats are fools because you will come right back to the sport. Once this story dies out, you will come crawling back. Also, my message to the Trump Administration is you are making something big out of nothing. No one was talking about this topic until Trump brought it back up. If I were you I would become more concerned with the things that you do have control over like helping the people of Puerto Rico and trying to not start World War 3.

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