2017-18 NHL Team Preview: Anaheim Ducks

The Anaheim Ducks are riding a nice streak of six-straight division titles.  And with the talent on this roster, it would not be a surprise if the streak continued this coming season.  Goalies Jhonis Enroth and Jonathan Bernier are now gone.  With that, Ryan Miller and John Gibson will be the goalies.

Add to that the departures of Clayton Stoner and Shea Theodore, and the defense for the Ducks may seem slightly different.  However, the good news is that the core of the team is virtually the same.  With names like Ryan Getzlaf, Patrick Eaves, and John Gibson shows the Ducks should have similar success again.

Last year, the Ducks were able to get Patrick Eaves in a trade.  Eaves would go on to help the Ducks to a lengthy playoff run and seem to be Anaheim’s missing piece.  This offseason Eaves would return to Anaheim on a brand new 3-year contract offer.  The roster moves didn’t end there, the Anaheim Ducks #1 defenseman Cam Fowler was rewarded with a new eight-year contract.

The roster moves the Ducks made this offseason can be seen below:

Key Players Added To Anaheim Roster

Jhonis Enroth: Signed With KHL.

Shea Theodore: Drafted to Vegas Golden Knights in the expansion draft.

Jonathan Bernier: Signed 1-year contract with Colorado.

Anaheim’s success last season did not come cheap.  Some notable names for the Ducks may be missing some time to start the season.  One such player who suffered an injury last season: Hampus Lindholm   With that said, the Ducks will have to find a way to work around these injuries   Should the Anaheim Ducks end up starting slow, the depth players may need to pick up the slack.  And, regardless of how the season starts, there is no reason to believe this team will not pull through.  Furthermore, it is a safe bet that the Ducks could have even better success this season.  With the nucleus of the team remaining the same, Anaheim will have even better chemistry and should be a threat again.


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