Washington Redskins: 3 Keys to victory against the Kansas City Chiefs

When the Washington Redskins stepped on the field Sunday Night, not a single fan or media member expected to see what had happened. They played a complete game from top to bottom. Now, with another primetime game on the schedule, this one on the road, can they do it again? Here are three keys to beating the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football.

  1. Defense, Defense, Defense!

The Washington Redskins rank fifth in total defense through 3 weeks. They really stepped up last week pitching a virtual shutout at home. They go to Kansas City to take on a Chiefs offense who are carrying the third best offense if football. The Redskins are going to need another performance like Sunday night to keep them in this game.

The Chiefs built themselves on speed. WR Tyreek Hill is one of, if not, the fastest players in the league. He is very hard to bring down in the open field. The Redskins will have to rally to the ball. They can say the same for rookie running back Kareem Hunt. If the Redskins want to stay in this game, the defense is going to need to control it.

  1. Kirk Cousins

I put Kirk on this list because he is missing some practice time. All for good reason of course. His wife is giving birth to their first child. However, he needs to not let that affect his rhythm and timing with his WRs. The Redskins need Cousins to be on target this week. Him being “in the zone” will allow the Redskins to continue to tun the football. This game cannot become dimensional or else it could be over quickly.

  1. Offensive Line

The offensive line of the Washington Redskins is becoming the strength of this team. The speed and athletic ability that these five have is amazing. They are going to need to be at their best against the Chiefs on Monday. Players like Justin Houston, Bennie Logan, and Derrick Johnson rushing the passer make it tough on offensive line.

To make the above key (2) work, the o-line will need to be able to silently communicate in a hostile environment. Keeping the QB off the grass will help the offense establish the rhythm and timing that they need to be successful against a Chiefs defense that ranks 28th in the league.

This game happens to be on a Monday Night. The Washington Redskins have not had recent success playing on this night. They are 0 for their last 4. We, as Redskins fans, can hope that there is a silver lining in the clouds that night.

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