New York Mets: Early Favorites for the next manager in 2018

As the New York Mets wrap up the 2017 season, the team and their fans are looking towards the 2018 season. As it has been reported through various New York sources, the Mets are not expecting to bring back Terry Collins. Terry Collins has been the manager of the New York Mets since 2011 and over the last seven years has a record of 550-582. Also in those seven years, the New York Mets had only two seasons where they went above .500 (2015 and 2016).

There has been a ton of names being linked to the Mets as possible replacements going into 2018. According to Mike Puma of the New York Post, the early favorites are former Chicago White Sox Manager Robin Ventura and current New York Mets hitting coach Kevin Long. He also indicates that the race is wide open and he figures for nothing to come from this search way into November. Other names being thrown out there include Chip Hale, Alex Cora, Brad Asmus, and others. Here is the tweet from Mike Puma about the Mets managerial position:

From what I have heard, the Mets are looking for someone who has managerial experience in the majors and has dealt with the New York media. If you look at both of the early favorites in Robin Ventura and Kevin Long, they match the latter end of the requirement. Kevin Long has been a coach for both the Yankees and Mets and Robin Ventura has played for the Mets and Yankees. Unfortunately, Kevin Long doesn’t match the first requirement of having managerial experience in the majors. Robin Ventura has had experience in being a major league manager. He was the manager of the Chicago White Sox from 2012 to 2016. In those five years, he had a record of 375- 435 with one winning season.

Personally, you need someone to come into this organization to light a fire under the team and push this team. One thing I saw a lot when I was watching Mets games was Terry Collins would be very laid back, he never showed a lot of emotion. One name I would like to see the Mets interview is Ozzie Guillen. During his managerial run, he had a record of 747-710. I am aware that he didn’t have experience in managing in New York, but he has shown the emotion that would jump start this team.

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