Denver Broncos: Three Keys for a win against the Oakland Raiders

The Denver Broncos will take the field on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders looking to rebound from a terrible loss. They were marred with penalties and bad play in a game. They just could not get anything going last week. They should have more success this weekend. Here are three keys for the Broncos to get a victory.

  1. Turnovers

The Denver Broncos are a young team. They need to be able to keep the ball with themselves and not give it back to the opponent. Especially in critical situations. Trevor Siemian had two interceptions last week at the most inopportune times of the game. These are the kinds of mistakes that the Broncos are going to need to avoid in order to be successful on Sunday.

  1. Stick with the run game

The Washington Redskins did this last week against the Oakland Raiders and ended up finding more and more success as the night went on. The Denver Broncos could say the same this Sunday. Even if the run game is not showing early success, stick with it. This will allow OC Mike McCoy to call the play action pass plays. The Raiders LBs and Safeties like to bite on the play action. However, this will not be a successful game plan if you do not stick to the run.

  1. The Crowd

This is Raiders week and I have not seen a lot of talk on social media or other places about the game. The Broncos need the crowd to be involved and be involved early. It seemed to help the Redskins on Sunday Night. The Raiders had trouble communicating. If the crowd in Denver is not loud the Raiders could stay in this game and make it tough late for the Broncos.

Both teams are in need of a win to keep pace in the AFC West. The loser will drop to third in a division that could possibly see three teams in the playoffs. A victory this weekend will go a long way in securing one of those spots for the Broncos.

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