WWE: The Jeff Hardy injury hurts the tag team division

As we saw on Monday night, RAW General Manager,Kurt Angle, confirmed the news about Jeff Hardy injuring his rotator cuff. The feeling is that he will miss some time and may not return until Wrestlemania 34 next season. While this hurts the Hardy Boyz, it also does a lot of damage to the tag-team scene of RAW.

As of this writing, you have the Good Brothers and Ambrose/Rollins as being the only teams to not have an injury. The Revival has not been on TV for the last few weeks because Scott Dawson is injured. The feeling is that the Bar wont be on TV together because Cesaro suffered a bad injury to his mouth. Of course, the Hardy Boyz won’t be on TV together due to Jeff Hardy’s injury. The issue is now what do you do if your the creative team of RAW.

We saw Jason Jordan team up with Matt Hardy on Monday, and I see that happening more with RAW. As much as I don’t like this idea — but it needs to happen — put Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas into the tag-team scene. Another suggestion I have heard is to combine both the Smackdown and RAW tag team division. I would not go this route for one big reason. When you did the brand extension in the summer of 2016, you brought in titles for each brand. Personally, it wouldn’t benefit to combine both divisions.

If I were the WWE, I would start pairing up guys to fill up the division until you start getting this guys back. My guess is that the Bar will be the first ones back and then the Revival. Eventually we will see the Hardys back, but I don’t see that happening until 2018. It will be interesting to see how this tag team division on RAW pans out over the next few weeks.

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