A Potential All-Star, Is Andrew Wiggins Worthy Of A Max Contract?

Is Andrew Wiggins worthy of a max contract? That’s a topic that many will debate. He’s young (22), a prolific scorer (23.6 PPG last season), and part of one of the NBA’s best trios (Karl Anthony-Towns, Jimmy Butler). Somehow, Wiggins just doesn’t seem to be worth a max deal, YET.

Minnesota wants to keep Wiggins around. There were the rumors of him going back to Cleveland for Kyrie Irving, but those were quickly shot down. The Wolves see Wiggins as a cornerstone of their franchise, and they should. But giving him max money isn’t the best strategy.

Many NBA stars are getting enormous contracts, some more than they are worth. Using that logic, Wiggins more than deserves a large deal. But, as we’ve seen with him in the past, he’s a one-dimensional player. All Wiggins does is score. He averages 4 rebounds and 2 assists per game, not ideal when talking about a max player.

For Minnesota to keep Wiggins they are going to need to throw all the money they can at him. It’s been reported that the deal could be five-years for $148 million. Looking at the players making that similar amount you see names such as Bradley Beal, C.J. McCollum, Damian Lillard, and Chris Paul. There are some outliers such as Otto Porter, who definitely shouldn’t be making $25 million a season.

Wiggins is a step below the aforementioned players. Sure, he’s young, but to give him a five-year deal worth $24.5 million a season is a tad too much. Minnesota needs to win before they can truly judge his true value. The names like Beal, McCollum, Lillard, and Paul have all had winning seasons, and have been staples to their team’s success. Wiggins has yet to take the jump from great to elite.

Yes, there are players making max money that shouldn’t be. And Wiggins will get a max contract. It’s just tough to justify a player getting that much money when he’s a scorer and nothing else. If it weren’t for Towns, the Wolves would have been the league’s worst team last season. Wiggins isn’t a max guy YET. Minnesota is obviously paying him based on potential and wants to lock him up before he hits the free agent market.

At the very least, give Andrew Wiggins another season to play alongside the Wolves superteam and see if he improves on peripheral stats. If he shows that extra step in his game then go ahead and sign him to a max deal. But it’s not the right decision for the Wolves at this time.

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