WWE: Enzo Amore As Cruiserweight Champ Is A Terrible Idea

Enzo Amore is your new Cruiserweight Champ. Sure, it’s good for business, as he’s one of the most over guys on the roster, but is he really the best choice to be the face of 205 Live?

Let’s face it, Enzo has got no in-ring work at all. He’s a talker, that’s for sure, but he can’t work anything like these other cruiserweight wrestlers. Imagine Enzo in a match with TJP or Mustafa Ali. There’s no way he can do the high-flying acrobatics of these guys. Envision him against Jack Gallagher or Drew Gulak. Enzo’s in no way able to match the ground game of these two.

The reason WWE has the belt on Enzo Amore is that he sells shirts, wigs, and tomato sauce. (Yes, that’s really a thing on WWE Shop.) His wrestling ability is sub-par at best. We know he’s had backstage issues on numerous occasions. It just goes back to Vince McMahon wanting to milk every ounce of Enzo to get a profit. And it doesn’t matter what he’s done or who he’s pissed off backstage.

There’s no reason why Enzo should have the belt. Yes, he can bring ratings to 205 Live, but on a show that features world-class wrestling, he brings the product down. All WWE has to do is keep him relevant on TV. Better yet, make him a manager. Anything other than making Enzo champ is a good idea. There are talented men on 205 Live, and they are all more deserving of a title run than Mr. Amore.

With the potential names 205 could add to its roster such as Aleister Black, Johnny Gargano, and Cien Almas, giving a belt to Enzo just seems silly and dumb. It’s especially disheartening when Neville, arguably the best champ on WWE programming, lost the belt to a sideshow act.

It’s hard not to feel bad for the cruiserweight wrestlers. It’s obvious there is tension between themselves and Enzo Amore. And while WWE will play that off as a storyline, it’s the honest truth. 205 Live deserves a better champ. I don’t think anyone would mind Neville as champ for a longer period of time. It is what It is at this point, and Enzo is champ. It’s just something we are all going to have to get used to.

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