Some Positive And Negative Takeaways From IT

I’m sure by now you’ve seen IT. The film, which is now the highest grossing horror movie in history, has been met with mixed reviews. I know where I stand on the picture. IT is a solid Halloween movie that will frighten you days after watching.

We all know the story of IT and have seen countless reviews of the film. I’m going to detail some things I thought the movie did right, and what it did wrong. I’ll be honest though, the picture as a whole was quite good. I won’t go into too many details about what it did right, but rather focus on what the film could have done a better job with.

1. Pennywise wasn’t much of a clown
Here’s my biggest gripe with the movie. I thought the character of Pennywise did a great job of portraying his evil ways. I did not think he played the role of clown very well. Aside from the opening scene, Pennywise wasn’t very joyful or psychotic. I’m not saying the character was played poorly.  However, in the end, I just wished for a little more clown humor.

2. The humor was very repetitive
IT featured a ton of laugh out loud moments. The only issue is a lot of those involved jokes centered around the male and female anatomy. I didn’t think anything was too vulgar, just wish the variety of jokes throughout the film weren’t relying on these topics. It’s just surprising kids these days really talk like that.

3. Film was quite creepy
For a horror film, you’d expect IT to have a lot of jump out of your seat moments. I think I did that once or twice. The buildup and overall tone of the film really got me on the edge of my seat. Without giving too much away, the scene in the garage with the projector might be one of the creepiest and scary moments of a film in quite some time.

4. Things kind of dragged on
Yes, IT was a fantastic movie. Unfortunately, the film kind of loses steam around the beginning of the third act. It does pick up, but for that 10-15 minutes, there is a considerable amount of downtime. If you hadn’t read the books ( And I didn’t ), you’ll get the feeling the film will end, and then the third act starts.

Not too much to nitpick about IT. I’d say the film was a great horror film that did a great job scaring the crap out of the theater. Sure the movie had its faults, but no movie is perfect. These are just my observations from the film. Obviously, the thoughts of others will vary.

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