Jalen Hurts: Is his best good enough for Nick Saban, Alabama?

Nick Saban has to be happy his team is 4-0 to start the season after their demolishing of previously unbeaten Vanderbilt Saturday. However, everything is not all roses for the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide. While the team is undefeated, hard times may be ahead if QB Jalen Hurts continues to show no improvements.

Yes, as a freshman he led the Tide to the National Championship game but it was his lack of QB skills that may have cost the Tide a title.

Hurts is good but he’s not that good. By the time Hurts gave way to Tua Tagovailoa, he completed only 7 of 17 passes for 78 yards. Yes, 78 yards for a player leading the best team in the nation. This is nothing new, Hurts has been doing this since he arrived at Alabama. Saban has to realize that at some point this season a change must be made if Hurts continues to under-perform.


Hurts has more than one way to beat you as he’s rushed for 360 yards and three touchdowns this season while passing for 550 and four touchdowns. It’s no secret that Bama is built off their defense but what happens if a game becomes a shootout and Hurts must play the role of gunslinger? Isn’t this the reason they are not defending a title this season? Clemson put the clamps on Hurts in the title game and nothing has changed. Luckily for the Tide, their early season schedule has not been tough.

Bama is set to begin their SEC march beginning with Ole Miss then dates against LSU, Mississippi, and Auburn. For the Tide to stay the course, Hurts must master the art of passing. That read-option will only get him so far.

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