Big 12 Conference Football Recap, Week 4: Who Came Out On Top?

The Big 12 Conference games this week had games for everybody. Whether you are a fan of close nail biting games, or whether you enjoy a team putting its feet on the gas and keeping it there. Of all games, not a single one left a fan bored. There were hard fought battles all around, and some of the mighty teams have fallen.

Texas Tech vs Houston: Tech Wins 27-24

As stated before, University of Houston looked like they hadn’t missed a beat since losing Tom Herman to Texas. Even with the loss, the statement still rings true. If you are the type that likes nail-biter caliber games, this one was for you. For every action by o;e team, the other had an equal reaction. Given the difference between teams, Texas Tech could have won in a blowout. However, Houston hung tough until the end.

West Virginia vs Kansas: WVU Wins: 56-34

West Virginia came out for this game looking for blood, or so it seemed. WVU suffered a loss two weeks ago, and haven’t looked back. Kansas on the other hand really seems to be struggling. Kansas hung 34 on the Mountaineers, but WVU had an answer for everything thrown its way. WVU’s offense was the story in this one. As they continue to gain traction, the Mountaineers could be dangerous for weeks to come.

Judging by the first two scores, the teams of the Big 12 Conference seemed to only have either offense or defense firing on all cylinders, right? Wrong. In the final two games of the night, offense and defense were there with their “A” game in hand.

Texas Christian University vs Oklahoma State: TCU wins 44-31

A lot can be said about this game. To a fan that hasn’t really had a chance to catch a TCU game, it looked like an OSU blowout was imminent. With a man such as Mason Rudolph leading the team, it wasn’t a blowout win for OSU. It was, however, a semi-close win all things considered. The first quarter of this game would lead the ordinary fan to believe that both teams were fairly even. OSU held a slim 7-6 lead after holding TCU to just two field goals. However, the Horned Frogs would lead 20-10 going into the half. Kenny Hill threw for 234 yards, a touchdown and had one pass intercepted. Hill would finish the night going 22/33 passes for TCU. Along with Hill, all the big names on offense came to play. The same can be said for TCU’s defense. The defense held OSU to 480 total yards and had two sacks with two interceptions against OSU.  What are the ranking implications now?  Will TCU finally get attention?

Oklahoma Sooners vs Baylor Bears: OU wins 49-41

Again, for the fans that like close games, this one should have been a must watch. Oklahoma had a 21-7 lead heading into the second quarter. During the second quarter, OU would add seven more points, but Baylor would tack on 10 of its own for a 21-17 halftime score. Baylor would score 14 points to begin the second half, and OU would only be held to seven. The third would end with OU leading 35-31. When the final quarter started, that’s when the Sooners shut down Baylor. Scoring 14 more points would put Baylor up against the wall. Though it was close on the scoreboard, the stat sheet tells a different story. Baker Mayfield went 13/19 for 283 yards and three touchdowns. Trey Sermon would lead the rushing game for OU with two touchdowns but came in second in yards having 148. The Sooners would finish with 648 total yards.

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