Without Question, Fury 325 Is In The Upper Echelon Of Coasters

Gigacoasters are at the top of the food chain when it comes to thrill. Aside from the few strata’s in the world, these are the tallest coasters in all of the world. Fury 325 is the tallest of them all, and, of all the ones I’ve been on, the best.

Not to take anything away from Millennium Force or Leviathan ( Steel Dragon and Intimidator 305 I haven’t ridden ), but Fury 325 is the top of the gigacoaster pecking order. Yes, it’s definitely that good, and does deserve the acclaim it gets. What makes this ride so attractive?

Let’s start with the lift hill. It feels like you’re going up that gill for a good 5 minutes. You’ve got a view of the entire park, and, over in the distance, the city of Charlotte. The view is spectacular. And while not as good as the view on Millennium Force, still a rather pretty ascent to the top.

The initial drop is seriously intense. While I’ve heard the Intimdator 305 fall into the turn is a lot more ferocious, you really feel like Fury isn’t going to stop going downward. In terms of the three giga’s I’ve been on, this is the best in terms of first drop.

While I feel coasters such as Millennium Force and Leviathan feature more air time, Fury has a great collection of banked turns and s-curves throughout its ride. There are a series of camleback hills near the conclusion of the ride, but they are not as intense as the aforementioned giga’s.

Still, the elements on Fury, and the very well done air time hills, make it the best giga I’ve been on, regardless of the air you get on Millennium or Leviathan.

The thing I love most about Fury is the seating. Similar to Levitahn, this giga uses the clamshell restraints. Probably the most comfortable of the B&M models, they really allow for quite a bit of freedom. This is the main reason why Millennium Force isn’t a top coaster for many, as the cars aren’t the most satisfying for riders. And it’s a big reason why Fury is the better ride.

Fury 325 has won the Golden Ticket Award for Best Steel Coaster two times ( 2016, 2017), making it a must do coaster for anyone. While I won’t say it’s the best coaster I’ve ever done, it’s definitely in the top-five. Overall, a great coaster with an amazing first drop and a quite intense ride.

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