NCAA: Big 12 Football Conference Week 4 Preview

After some fun games to watch last week, and a full schedule of games, this week boasts a much lighter Big 12 Football schedule.

Since Tom Herman left for University of Texas, it seems like the Houston Cougars haven’t even missed his coaching prowess. The Houston Cougars will look to continue to ride the wave of momentum and success in just a short time.

Houston VS Texas Tech

Those that like early football are in for a treat. Houston and Texas Tech are coming in today as having played their best football yet. Both offenses and defenses have performed to expectations, and now someone must lose. In a in-state rivalry, records are thrown out the window anyway. While there is little negative to say about either side, one thing is certain. Fans are in for a shootout.

West Virginia VS Kansas

West Virginia comes into this game with something to prove. Kansas will also be playing with a chip on their shoulder. Kansas has been very underwhelming thus far. As these two teams look to build momentum, this game could either give a team more confidence, or end all hope of success all together. Kansas needs a win after a devastating loss last week. However, West Virginia is coming off a decent game and may be riding a wave of confidence.

Up next in the Big 12 lineup, two conference powerhouses will look to flex their muscles. As fans witness Oklahoma State and the TCU Horned Frogs, fans should be prepared for yet another show.

TCU Horned Frogs VS Oklahoma State

The Horned Frogs of TCU have yet again been stuck with an “underdog” label. What is interesting, is that none of the personnel seem to mind. Team-by-team, TCU has flexed it’s muscle. However, the Oklahoma State Cowboys are a whole different animal. If you want to see a toe-to-toe battle, this game would be the one to watch. The one question that stands here: which defense will be the one to break first?

Oklahoma VS Baylor

This game, if we are being honest, should be another blowout. A team in Baylor, that has been plagued by backlash from the first major scandal in quite some time, has also underperformed. With as much as their name has been in the news, it seems as though karma has gotten to the Bears of Baylor. Oklahoma will present a big test with Baker Mayfield and co., but a win here would boost Baylor.

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