New York Mets: Sandy Alderson is set to return next season,but Terry Collins future is unlikey

On Thursday afternoon, there was some news surrounding the New York Mets. As the season winds down in Queens, the Mets are looking ahead at the 2018 season. It seems that there is now a feeling that they will be bringing back Sandy Alderson as the General Manager. However, they don’t plan on bringing back manager Terry Collins and they expect him to retire.

In regards to Sandy Alderson, I don’t understand what they see in him. It seems that since Alderson has been in New York, he has worked on a limited budget. It is worth noting that except 2015 when they had the run to the World Series, the Mets have not been able to do well. It is worth noting that Sandy Alderson is known as being a moneyball type of General Manager while he was in Oakland. Unfortunately, having a moneyball mindset will not succeed in a major market like New York. When your in major market like New York, you need to spend money. What the Mets need is someone who will be willing to spend the money.

While there is one remaining fixture in the Mets’ management, there will be a new voice in the dugout. There was news that broke that the Mets feel that Terry Collins will end up retiring after the season. I personally feel that like Alderson, I don’t know what they saw in Collins. I am not sure yet who I could see replacing him, but it needs to be someone who can light a fire under his team.

Overall, it is clear that the Mets are doing some internal changes. However, I don’t understand why they don’t clean house fully. They should feel no shame in admitting that they screwed up and move on. We will have all of your MLB coverage as the season winds down.

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