Washington Redskins: Three keys to victory against the Oakland Raiders

The Washington Redskins are playing a big game early on the schedule. They face the Oakland Raiders on Sunday Night at FedEx Field. This will be a true test of the Redskins newfound defense. This will also be a test for the offensive line. Although a loss does not hurt for the conference, it would put an early blemish on the makings of a promising season. A win could go a long way. Here are three things that the Redskins must do to be successful Sunday Night.

  1. Run the ball

This is going to be a constant until the Washington Redskins are successful for multiple games. Last week the team ran for over 200 yards in a great effort against the Los Angeles Rams. I am not saying that they need to have that kind of yardage this week. However, what I am saying is that Jay Gruden needs to have that kind of dedication again. Do they need 40 carries? No! Nevertheless, they do need to be around that 25-30 mark.

  1. Redskins Secondary

The Raiders have a strong set of weaponry. Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree, and Jared Cook all help QB Derek Carr through the air. It is going to be up to the secondary of the Redskins to shut them down. They are going to get targets. It is going to be up to the secondary of the Washington Redskins to limit the big plays. If they have the success at doing this, the Redskins should be successful on the night.

  1. Big Plays

The Washington Redskins are lacking in the big play category. They had one last week from Chris Thompson. They did not hit on any in week one against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Oakland Raiders secondary ranks 10th right now in the NFL. They give up a little over 200 yards passing per game. The Redskins are sitting 24th in passing offense. There will need to be a change in this for the Redskins on Sunday Night.

The Washington Redskins are in a prime position to make a big move in the NFC East. Yes, it is early in the season but a win on Sunday Night could go a very long way. If the Redskins can come out and establish early, it could be a very fun night for the fans.

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