MLB: It is Time To Wake Up and Get Protective Netting Up

It is about time that Major League Baseball wakes up. As we saw in the New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins game on Tuesday, Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier hit a foul ball that ended up hitting a two-year-old girl right in the face. The MLB game was delayed for about five minutes so that personnel could attend the child.

This leads me to feel that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred should make it mandatory that all MLB stadiums have protective netting that starts from the third base side and wraps around to the first base side. There are ten ballparks that do have it, but I don’t feel that is enough. I know there has been an argument going around that doing this would impede the fan experience, but safety should be the number one concern for teams. Also, it wouldn’t cost owners much money to put this up.

I also figure that owners have not done this cause they feel that they won’t be able to charge the same amount they do for the seats down the first and third base line. An example of this is I was looking at tickets for the Yankees, Royals series that is starting on September 25th and the seats down the third base line are $325 and up. Personally, I am sick and tired of the fact that owners across all sports care more about the money and less about the people’s safety. If they did care about safety, then there would be netting up in all ballparks.

Also, I find the concept of “interrupting the fan experience” to be a load of crap. I have been to plenty of ballparks, and while I don’t typically sit that close to the field, I still keep my head moving to make sure nothing comes flying my way. I would rather want netting up than run the risk of having a baseball or bat come flying at my face. In addition, you tend to not have much time to react when a ball or a bat is coming at you, given the speed of the object. The netting will stop that issue.

I think this is fair to say, but Major League Baseball needs to take action on this sooner rather than later. The next time this happens, the person may not so lucky.

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