Kennywood: While Maybe A Little Out Of The Ordinary, An RMC Makes Sense

Kennywood is known for its classic rides and attractions. The park has some newer thrill rides such as Phantoms Revenge and Sky Rocket, but a new coaster hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Hopefully, this changes soon, as Kennywood might be looking to add something new from the hottest name in coaster manufacturing.

Imagine if RMC were to build a new coaster at Kennywood? The amount of traffic that the ride would bring to the park would be astronomical. Not only would it give a boost in attendance, it would add punch to the collection of coasters already featured there. You’ve got the classic woodies like Jack Rabbit, and the aforementioned Phantoms Revenge and Sky Rocket. Adding an RMC would give Kennywood its high ticket attraction.

Plans for a new coaster have been running rampant for quite some time. With the closure of the parks water flume ride, Log Jammer, the speculation has grown even higher, as the site of the proposed new coasters sits in the section of the park the flume ride operates.

Let’s not get carried away, because even if it’s a new coaster it might not be an RMC. Although, as we’ve seen with Kennywood, they do like the classic rides. What’s more classic than a wooden coaster? And what better way to show innovation than with a hybrid coaster. Not only will it have that classic wooden style of years past, but also a modern feel with the steel track.

Kennywood isn’t known as a destination for many thrill seekers. They do have Phantoms Revenge ( which is a damn good hyper coaster) as its signature attraction, but many aren’t going to the park just for that alone. Sure the classic wooden rides and Sky Rocket are good, but are you really going to travel to the park for those? Sure, it’s nostalgic, but, aside from locals, who makes it a point to go on a trip for just Kennywood?

Adding this RMC Coaster won’t deter the families and old-school park guests from coming to the park. It will still have its classic attractions and won’t change the prestige the park has. What it will do is bring in a different kind of theme park goer to the park, the thrill seekers, the die-hard’s, that go to places like Cedar Point, Six Flags, and others because they are looking for the biggest and baddest coasters on the planet.

Some may say adding an RMC coaster will take away from the appeal of the park. Quite frankly, that argument is valid. And while change may be bad for such a classic place as Kennywood, sometimes innovation outweighs it all.

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