2018 NBA Draft: Way Too Early Top-Five

We are less than a month away from the NBA season, and what better time to reveal a 2018 NBA Draft. With the Cleveland Cavaliers seemingly in the driver’s seat, what can we expect from the next batch of NBA hopefuls? Where will they all end up? Here’s an early look at the potential top-five. (Order based on worst odds to win NBA Championship)

1. Cleveland Cavaliers- Michael Porter Jr, Missouri
After obtaining this pick from Boston via Brooklyn, the Cavs find themselves sitting at a crossroads. They can trade the pick for a title run, or hold onto it and find the LeBron James replacement. Porter Jr. is the logical choice here, as he’s the closest to a sure thing in this draft class. If Cleveland wants to find a new LeBron, this is the guy to do it.

2. Chicago Bulls- Luka Doncic, Slovenia
The Bulls need help just about everywhere. Doncic can play both the 2 and 3, making him one of the drafts most versatile players. After a stellar performance at the Eurobasket Tournament, he’s got the league talking. Chicago needs to take a risk here.

3. Orlando Magic- DeAndre Ayton, Arizona
The Magic are in process of finding a team that can compete. It would be a safe bet that if things continue to go south Nikola Vucevic will be traded. Ayton is the best Center prospect in the draft and could fill some of the void left by the departure of Vucevic.

4. Atlanta Hawks- Miles Bridges, Michigan State
Bridges might be the best all-around player in the draft. He would give the Hawks a presence down low and can stretch the floor. Think of him as the second coming of Paul Millsap, who thrived during his time with Atlanta.

5. Indiana Pacers- Trevon Duval, Duke
The Pacers are in desperate need of a PG. Sure, Darren Collison is a worthy starter but he’s not someone you can build a team around. Duval is the best PG prospect in the draft. Indiana would be wise to invest in him as the cornerstone of their franchise.

Things can most certainly change as the NCAA and NBA season rolls around. You’ll notice players such as Marvin Bagley have been left off the top-five. That’s not a mistake but rather based on two factors. He’ll not have the year many project him to do at Duke, and the needs of these teams don’t match with his skill set.

It’s going to be a fun year of basketball. And the NBA Draft season is always in full effect.

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