Kent State Golden Flashes Football: 3 Keys to victory vs the Louisville Cardinals

The Kent State Golden Flashes went into Marshall last weekend and got shutout by the Thundering Herd, and lost starting quarterback Nick Holley with a knee injury. However, this weekend the competition is much tougher as they will be taking on the most recent Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson and the Louisville Cardinals. While you go into most games with a slight optimism, this game could get ugly fast. The threats that Jackson brings by himself will be felt early and often. Nevertheless, here are three keys to this weekend’s game that KSU will need to execute to win.

1 Get George Bollas going early on quick hitters, and screens

Losing starting quarterback Nick Holley is something that may cause some problems for this KSU team, as now Senior George Bollas will have to step in and take over the starting role. Holley was not only the top passer for this Kent State Golden Flashes team but he was also the leading rusher. Getting Bollas integrated early in this game and comfortable in the pocket will be the biggest issue they need to address. If he can get comfortable and get time in the pocket he could have a decent day.

2 Use Justin Rankin more… Again

Last week one of my keys to victory for this KSU team was the same thing, utilize Justin Rankin more not only running the ball but passing as well. He had a decent time running the ball last week but Kent State went away from him once they went down. He carried the ball only six times but had 44 yards on the ground, he was averaging over seven yards a carry! But the Kent State Golden Flashes chose to go away from him. He was only caught one pass but to be fair there were only seven completions all game. Mr. Bollas you know what to do.

3 Contain Lamar Jackson

The third and final thing KSU will need to do this weekend is to contain Lamar Jackson. Sounds easy right? He’s just one player he can’t-do that much damage, WRONG. Jackson has not only the speed to be a running threat but has great arm strength and could be one of the best scrambling quarterbacks ever if he gets a shot in the NFL. This is clearly the most obvious thing Kent State must do this weekend to be successful, yet the biggest thing they need to do. Lamar Jackson is no slouch and he may alone take this KSU defense out back to the woodshed.

The Kent State Golden Flashes may not get a win this weekend, but they can prove to be competitive even after losing their starting quarterback. That being said they will everyone to step up if they want to win not only this game but the MAC title as well.

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