C-USA: Big Matchups to watch for during Week 4 action

With the entire C-USA underwhelmed in Week 3 especially against Power 5 Conferences and against conference matchups as well. Fans and schools are looking forward to improvements in Week 4. Check out what to look for during this week’s matches.

Florida Atlantic @ Buffalo
After both FAU and the Bulls earned their wins last week, both teams are looking to extend their winning streak by one more. FAU is struggling to find their true offensive leader, but if they find it, they will easily win this game.

UT-San Antonio @ Texas State
After two impressive wins from UTSA, they look to face a struggling offense in Texas State. Expect UTSA to win, and win big!

Louisiana Tech @ South Carolina
Louisiana Tech is coming off of a huge win at Western Kentucky, and are looking to ride the wave as they take on SEC’s South Carolina. The Gamecocks only have an eight-point odds in their favor, and I would not be surprised to see Louisiana Tech pull off the upset.

Old Dominion @ #13 Virginia Tech
VTech has everything to lose in this game, which is a home game against an underrated Old Dominion who put up some hefty numbers on North Carolina the previous week. Watch for Old Dominion to stick around in this game as long as they can to attempt to try and win a big upset.

Georgia State @ Charlotte
This should be declared as the battle of the winless. Charlotte will have every opportunity to finally put their first W on their schedule, and with it being a home game, Charlotte has all the moment in this matchup.

UAB @ North Texas
UAB has had a very surprising start to their season so far this year, and its only going to be more impressive if they are able to gain a win over a conference rival in North Texas.

Bowling Green @ Middle Tennessee
Mid Tenn is looking to get their winning ways back against Bowling Green, whose offense has been struggling to put up points all season.

Ball State @ Western Kentucky
WKU has been struggling to find their old offensive ways and can’t find the end zone this year. Expect Ball State to win this in a closely contested matchup.

Florida Intl @ Rice
After Hurricane Irma pushed back FIU’s game last week, they look to rebound with a big win against Rice this week.

UTEP @ New Mexico State
UTEP is still looking for their first win against a NMSU team that has been putting up some big numbers. Unfortunately, UTEP will have to continue to search for their first.

There are some very good games to be watching for this week, especially with in-conference games and a matchup with a top-25 team. Expect the C-USA to make the headlines in NCAA Football this week.

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