New York Giants: Is Ben McAdoo on the hot seat?

The New York Giants have started this season 0-2 and it doesn’t look promising. The team failed to address their biggest issue which was the offensive line, and running game over the offseason and now may be treading in hot water. Sophomore head coach Ben McAdoo had some not so nice things to say about Eli Manning after the Monday night loss to the Detroit Lions. He called out the veteran quarterback for taking a delay of game penalty down close to the end zone in the fourth quarter. Claiming “sloppy quarterback play” among other things.

While I can understand why McAdoo may be upset, Manning played a solid game. He had no time in the pocket, and his receivers had a case of the drops all night. That’s right the group of receivers that were supposed to be the best in the NFL couldn’t catch a cold Monday night. The only bright spot in this game was Eli connecting with rookie tight end Evan Engram for his first career touchdown. The only other notable play was from Eli himself, and it wasn’t just one play, it was the entire game. Manning stayed calm and composed throughout the game even when his offensive line looked like a trainwreck.


My biggest issue with McAdoo calling out Manning for “sloppy play” is the fact that at times it looked like McAdoo himself had given up. 26 seconds on the clock in the first half three timeouts in his pocket, and he decides to pull the offense off the field and go to the locker room. Dow by two scores in the fourth quarter and McAdoo continues to try and run the football even though there was no running game all night, and there probably won’t be all season. That then gets me thinking, who’s calling these plays? Oh, that’s right McAdoo is. Mike Sullivan is the offensive coordinator but McAdoo seems reluctant to allow him to make the calls but continues to put the GIants in a bad spot offensively.

That being said if the New York Giants lose this weekend to the Philadelphia Eagles Mr. McAdoo may be on his way out. Sure, he led the Giants to the playoffs last year, but I’ve seen nothing out of this team that even comes close to even resembling that team from a year ago. A lot of people rip on Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin for being a “poor game manager” but I still can’t get past McAdoo running off the field with almost 30 seconds to get into field goal range. Or his play timid play calls.

All of that together makes me wonder if the front office will make McAdoo hand over the playbook to Sullivan or will we see our first head coach of the season fired? The next couple of weeks will make or break for McAdoo and the Giants. Luckily for the Giants, they are still in the running for the division title as all three teams ahead of them are 1-1.

If McAdoo plays less conservative not only this weekend but the remainder of the year, the Giants could end with an NFC East title. If he continues to try and pound the ball he will be unsuccessful all season. Nevertheless, don’t sleep on the New York Giants this season, we’ve seen teams go on tears before and this Giants team could. Watch for them to potentially win a spot in the playoffs as a wild-card team. However, don’t expect this Giants team to make it deep in the playoffs with this group they have now.

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