Washington Redskins: The Good, The Bad, The WTF against the Los Angeles Rams

The Washington Redskins came into Sunday’s game needing to win. To start the season at 0-2 would put a damper on what was looking like a promising season. The Los Angeles Rams, though improved, would be the perfect recipe to cook up a win. Jay Gruden did just that. They roasted the Rams with a few things that the Redskins are not known for. Here is the good, the bad, and WTF from Sunday’s victory.

The Good

  1. Washington Redskins Run Game

What a turn of offensive prowess. The Redskins have not been able to run the ball in quite some time. This could be on Jay Gruden from turning away from it too fast. It could also be on the offensive line just not having the will. All that changed on Sunday. Gruden had a dedication to stay with the run plays. Along with that, OL Coach Bill Callahan challenged his guys up front.

It worked. The Redskins ran the ball 39 times. Yes, you read that right. 39 times for a total of 229 yards. They only had 3 carries that went for negative yardage. This really needs to be a formula going forward.

  1. Turnovers

The Washington Redskins won the turnover battle on Sunday. In fact, the turnovers that could have happened to the Redskins bounced right back to them. Cousins did not have to force any throws and therefore was on target most of the day.

CB Josh Norman forced 2 fumbles from Rams RB Todd Gurley. One of which was recovered by the Skins. The other Rams turnover came on the ensuing drive from the Redskins taking the lead. LB Mason Foster read QB Jared Goff perfectly and stepped in front of a pass intended for Cooper Kupp.

The Bad

  1. Injuries

The Washington Redskins suffered some injuries on Sunday. The biggest of which seems to be to RB Rob Kelley. He has what appears to be a broken rib. There were also injuries to CB Josh Norman, LB Mason Foster, LB Zach Brown, TE Jordan Reed, and RG Morgan Moses. All of which returned to the game.

The hope is that since all of these players returned to their positions all injuries were minor. We will see later this week when the injury report comes out.

  1. Pass protection

The Redskins pass protection continued to be suspect during the game. The Rams sacked Kirk Cousins two more times on the day. This is on top of the four sacks that he suffered in week one. Opposing teams sacked Cousins only 23 times in 2016. Bill Callahan challenged his offensive line was to be better at run blocking this week, now they need to be challenged to have a complete game in week 3. Without it, Cousins and the offense could be in trouble.


  1. The Fade Route

Honestly, I am sick of Jay Gruden calling this play.  1. When it is called, he calls it to a receiver who can get the separation to make the catch. 2. Kirk Cousins cannot throw the fade route. He never gets the proper amount of air under the ball to even give his receiver a chance. This play needs to be completely removed from the playbook, never to be seen again!!

  1. Dropped Passes

The wide receivers of the Washington Redskins have had some slippery fingers over the first two weeks of the season. There needs to be some added attention placed on this for week 3. These guys are making millions of dollars to catch the football. Drops are not acceptable. It is different if the ball is discharged from your person. But you, as a receiver, simply not catching a ball that hits you in the mitts is unacceptable.

The Washington Redskins face the 2-0 Oakland Raiders on Sunday Night. The Raiders bring a toughness on both sides of the ball. If the Redskins are not ready this game will get ugly really quick.

The Redskins got a much-needed week 2 victory. However, there is much more work to be done.

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